Gift Card

Conditions of Use

The Gift Card is a bearer document, and only the bearer is responsible for its use. Blanco will not be held liable for any stolen, lost or damaged cards, and will not replace them under any circumstances.

The Gift Card will be valid for 2 years from its date of issue. On expiry of this period, the Card may not be used in any Blanco shops and the balance on the card will not be refundable.

The Gift Card may be paid for using any form of payment habitually accepted by Blanco.

The Gift Card's initial value will be the value figuring on the card.

The Gift Card may be used by the bearer to purchase any product on sale in Blanco stores in accordance with the card's available balance.

If the purchase amount is greater than the Gift Card balance, the difference may be paid using any form of payment habitually accepted at the shop in which the purchase is made.

The card balance at any given moment will be difference between the balance available at the time of purchase and the amount of the purchase. This balance will figure on the purchase receipt and may be consulted at any Blanco store at any time.

The bearer may use the Gift Card as often as they wish until the balance has been used up, until the expiry date shown on the card. When the balance has been used up, the card will be kept by Blanco.

Under no circumstances will the balance on the Gift Card be reimbursed to the bearer.

In case of return of any product purchased by this Gift Card the corresponding amount will be put into a voucher.