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Article Number 526260
Less limescale. More Taste. Combined with a BLANCO kitchen mixer tap, this filter improves the taste of tap water for a refreshing joy straight from the tap.

The filter optimises your drinking water. It is equipped with the patented BWT Magnesium technology and converts tap water into magnesium mineralised water (BWT) in 5 filtration stages. The filter removes particles, chlorine and certain organic components (e.g. pesticides, drug residues) from the water. It also provides the ultimate protection against limescale deposits, reduces heavy metals, enriches the water with the valuable mineral magnesium. The filter is perfectly suited for BLANCOwateror filter systems.

Filter capacity: 520 litres at 12 °dGH (general German hardness)

Technical Data
Operating pressure: 2–8 bar
Inlet water temperature (min.–max.): +4 to +30 °C
Ambient temperature (min.–max.): +4 to +40 °C
Ambient temperature for transport/storage (min.–max.): -20 to +40 °C
Nominal flow: 180 l/h
Pressure loss at 180 l/h: 0.6 bar

Recommendations for use: The filter may only be operated with cold water that meets the legal requirements for drinking water, and should be replaced at least every 12 months. It must be installed vertically.