30 Years of BLANCO

The evolution of SILGRANIT from the 90s to today

BLANCO CANADA Celebrates 30 years in Canada

More than three decades of research and development has led to the revolutionary material we know today as SILGRANIT. Our patented granite composite sink material is strong, durable, and beautiful, and available in a range of nature-inspired, designer colours.

SILGRANIT has changed, grown and evolved over the last three decades and popular sink families like VISION, PRECIS, DIAMOND, PERFORMA and IKON continue to make SILGRANIT the #1 choice for granite composite sinks across North America. 2020 marks 30 years for BLANCO in Canada, and to honour this milestone, we want to take you on a journey through the evolution of SILGRANIT, starting with the 90s!

Night Blue was a popular kitchen sink colour in the 90s

90s Colour Trends

Night Blue was a popular SILGRANIT colour in the 90s

The nineties colour palette for BLANCO kitchen sinks was on the lighter side

Lighter Colours in the 90s

Sand and Jasmine were some of the light SILGRANIT colours in the 90s

By the start of the milennium, there was a transition to darker kitchen sink tones

Darker Colours in the 2000s

Trends shifted from light to dark, resulting in richer tones like Café

BLANCO Canada expanded in 2002

Expansion in 2002

Expansion to a DC in Mississauga, with continued growth at the plant

In the 2010's, kitchens began to shift towards cooler tones

Cooler Hues in the 2010s

Truffle is introduced in 2010, as trends shift from warm to cool shades

The use of warm and cool neutral tones in the kitchen is a popular design trend

2010s: The Decade of Grey

Cinder, Metallic Gray and Concrete Gray were added to the palette

BLANCO continues to expand in Canada

Continued Growth in 2012

BLANCO moves to a larger Distribution/Sales Office in Brampton

BLANCO continues to be a market leader in Canada

The Future of SILGRANIT

New & exciting product innovations are in the works for 2021 and beyond!

BLANCO Canada officially opened its doors in 1995
Founded in the 90s

Production started at BLANCO Canada’s SILGRANIT manufacturing plant in Toronto, Ontario, and it was the first SILGRANIT manufacturing facility to establish Research & Development outside of Germany. There were only six people in the office and the facility was producing less than 5% of what’s currently being produced today. BLANCO Canada has now grown to two facilities with over 100 employees. As you can see, our plant in Toronto looks a little different than it did in the 90s!

Canadian Manufacturing Plant (CMP)
Canadian Sales Warehouse (CSW)

90s SILGRANIT sink colours
90s Colour Trends

The colour trends of the early 90s, carried over from the late 80s, included base hues of white and beige with pops of super bright saturated primary colours. However, by the mid 90’s colours in interior design shifted to pastels and more muted, earthy tones. 80% of the colours in the SILGRANIT colour palette were light and reflected the cozy, down-to-earth country kitchen trends. The 90s brought the country kitchen aesthetic into the mainstream, so there’s no surprise that moody shades like Night Blue, and warm neutrals like Sand and Jasmine, were prominent in the SILGRANIT colour palette!

Lamiinate countertops and light wood oak were popular 90's kitchen design trends
Kitchen sink colors of the 90s shifted from bright, primary tones to cozy, earthy palettes

Kitchen design trends of the 2000s - Tuscan style decor and darker tones
Expansion in the 2000s

As BLANCO continued to grow, investments were made in excess of $40 million for plant infrastructure. BLANCO operations also expanded from one facility to two, moving into a larger Distribution Centre & Sales Office in Mississauga. The SILGRANIT colour palette was also evolving. Colour trends of the late 90s were still present in the early 2000s, but with this new decade, also came a pendulum swing. Trends shifted from mostly light colours, to mostly dark. Tuscan style décor was gaining traction, so richer tones like Chocolate Brown and Builder Beige were increasing in popularity. New SILGRANIT colours like Café, Cognac and Biscotti were added to the palette.

The BLANCO SILGRANIT colour palette continued to evolve in the 2000s
Kitchen design of the 2000s was heavily focused on making a statement

2010's kitchen design is heavily based around cooler neutrals
Colour Innovation Continues

The 2010s marked the decade of grey for mainstream interiors, especially kitchens. The rich, warm tones of the 2000s were replaced with cooler shades of grey light blue, and the white on white kitchen trend took off. The changes to the SILGRANIT color palette reflect these trends and BLANCO launches transition neutrals like Truffle and Biscuit. Cinder, a dark, matte grey is introduced along with a sparkly mid-tone: Metallic Gray. In 2019, Canada’s R&D team formulates and launches its latest color, Concrete Gray, exclusively for the North American market.

The 2010s kicked off the minimalist trend not only in kitchens but all throughout the home
Innovation in the 2010s

The investments made in the 2000s were paying off and SILGRANIT continued to evolve. Our teams of designers, engineers and technicians diligently worked behind the scenes to produce new and innovative SILGRANIT products. BLANCO launched the IKON farmhouse sink model in 2016 - a huge achievement in the world of modern manufacturing. The IKON was the first farmhouse sink in the world made of granite composite. The IKON family has since grown to become a best-selling farmhouse product line in Canada and the United States.

SILGRANIT's strength, durability and beauty is unmatched
BLANCO IKON SILGRANIT KITCHEN SINKS - Apron front masterpiece defined

Made in Canada SILGRANIT kitchen & laundry sinks
A New Decade of SILGRANIT

With over three decades of material development, rapid advances in manufacturing technologies, and several BLANCO exclusive patents, the evolution of SILGRANIT continues today. Our Hygienic+Plus surface protection is the perfect example of continuous SILGRANIT innovation. SILGRANIT's Hygienic+Plus surface acts as a protective shield that literally pushes away water, liquids, and dirt, and reduces bacteria growth by up to 98%. This is what makes SILGRANIT stain resistant and so easy to clean.

Blanco Canada Kitchen Sinks and Faucets - Made in Canada SILGRANIT high quality sinks!
2020 and Beyond

2020 has brought more challenges than we could have ever imagined. Moving into the next decade, we understand that our lifestyle needs will continue to change. The rise of smart appliances, sustainable technologies and hygienic solutions continue to gain traction and permeate our homes and kitchens. SILGRANIT will continue to expand its offerings with exciting new colours, innovative product features and material advancements.

“We’re setting our sights on the horizon and looking forward to the next 30 years!”

The BLANCO team