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Comfort, aesthetics, and safety

Valuable tips when buying a mixer tap.

Without water to drink, we would not survive. So it's better to be safe than sorry. Only high quality components and certified products will give you the maximum safety that you need for the sake of your health.

Look for the perfect interplay between mixer tap and sink, because that will give you maximum functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen.

Safety and hygiene


Look out for the highest safety and hygiene standards when buying a mixer tap. BLANCO mixer taps are subject to the strictest tests and additional voluntary monitoring.

Large working radius


Benefit from the advantages of an extendable spray hose. It makes it easier to fill pots and vases - and also helps when cleaning the bowl.

Special window solutions


Put your sink in front of the window - the BLANCO range includes lots of attractive, high quality designs.

Integrated additional functions


Extras such as the control for opening and closing the sink outlet, or a shut-off valve for the dishwasher, provide additional comfort.

Less limescale


Patented jet regulators minimise limescale; elastic silicone nubs keep the spray free of limescale.

Interior of lasting value

cartridge tap

BLANCO cartridges with high quality ceramic seals are particularly long-lasting, smooth-running and pressure-resistant.

Spray hoses have an integrated non-return valve to prevent used water from flowing back into the water supply.

Optimum protection

Dirt filter for mixer taps

Dirt filters help to protect the mixer tap against unwanted particles that could damage the interior.

This can also be fitted directly to the angle valve at any time.