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BLANCO SOLENTA™ Senso Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet

Sensor technology – redefined.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet
Water is life. We are used to it being available wherever and whenever we wish. Thanks to the new sensor technology featuring a sophisticated start-stop interface, you now have instant, effortless water control. Water on, water off, without touching the faucet. A single hand movement is all it takes.

Made from high-quality, durable materials, the BLANCO SOLENTA Senso semi-professional kitchen faucet brings your kitchen is inspired by professional kitchens, adding a flair of modern technology to maintain the perfect stream of flowing water. The innovative sensor technology can turn your faucet on with a simple wave of the hand, giving you the freedom you need to fill your pot without wasting any water from your tap.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Faucet Sprayhead

The perfect balance of precise electronic touchless sensor control combined with standard manual functions.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Sensor

The sensor detection field is set to a precise 2-1/2“ range. This prevents unintended activations when you do not wish to use your faucet.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Range

With the location of the sensor being under the sprayhead docking arm, you always have access to the sensor technology with start-stop interface, regardless of the faucet direction.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet LED Light

A subtle blue LED display identifies the sensor field and displays the operating mode. A solid light indicates the unit is in standby (if in use with A/C adapter). A flashing light indicates when the faucet is running (both power options – battery operated and with A/C adapter).

High-quality material. Elegant aesthetics.

The kitchen is a stimulating environment for your senses. High-quality, long-lasting materials and discerning design provide the ultimate visual and tactile experience.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Filling Pot

Kitchen chores made simple thanks to sensor technology combined with the start-stop user interface. You no longer need an extra hand to start or stop the water.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Automatic Stop

SOLENTA Senso automatically stops using the water after 90 seconds. This prevents overflowing and leaves you free to concentrate on other tasks.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Water Conservation

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. A lower 1.5 gpm flow rate reduces waste.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Sensor Detection

The precise 2-1/2“ detection field rules out any risk of unintended activation. Even if SOLENTA Senso is activated accidentally, the automatic water stop function ensures your sink will not overflow.

Inspired by professional kitchens. Large working radius. High level of user convenience.

The working area around the faucet often extends beyond the sink. Inspired by high performance kitchens, the BLANCO SOLENTA Senso faucet offers maximum reach, usability and control.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Spray Modes

Easily switch between two spray modes. A powerful spray for cleaning and rinsing, and a full aerated stream for filling large pots.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Magnetic Dock

Simply lift the SOLENTA Senso sprayhead off the magnetic docking arm and snap it back in place when done.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Hose

Faucets have to cope with a lot of wear and tear in the kitchen. The hose of the SOLENTA Senso is encased with easy to clean stainless steel for maximum flexibility, durability and easy maintenance.

BLANCO SOLENTA Senso Kitchen Faucet Handle

Determine your perfect water temperature and strength settings using the ergonomic control lever. Use the start-stop feature to turn the water on and off.


Modern design. Built to last.

All of the components of SOLENTA Senso are subject to strict quality checks and certifications – from the ceramic cartridge to the hose. This high-quality fitting features a flat design of metal segments that prevents dirt from settling into hard-to-reach spaces.

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