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The BLANCO QUATRUS™ Collection

Where the art of living meets fully customized functionality

BLANCO QUATRUS with accessories

The QUATRUS™ collection - affordable luxury that's effortlessly stylish.

Featuring modern 18 gauge stainless steel designs, a lustrous, enduring finish, and two radius corner styles (R15 and R0) - the BLANCO QUATRUS Collection has it all. And with a variety of custom accessories - it's even better.

The QUATRUS R15 ERGON features an accessory ledge that transforms your sink into a fully-functional workstation.

The QUATRUS Collection offers a wide assortment of accessories of all types. Outfit your QUATRUS R15 ERGON Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with a floating steel colander that fits perfectly within the convenient accessory ledge. Or take your QUATRUS R15 1-3/4 Apron with Low Divide to the next level with a protective stainless steel sink grid to keep your sink bottom safe from scratching and scuffing.

The QUATRUS Collection Accessories


The handy WORKSTATION keeps utensils and knives safely organized and out of the way, while our custom-fit stainless steel grids protect the finish of your QUATRUS sink. What's more, our MULTILEVEL grid for QUATRUS sinks can be used to create an added level within the sink (for use with QUATRUS Super Single Bowls only) for resting pots or rinsing fruits and veggies.

BLANCO QUATRUS Ash Cutting Board

Our durable ASH CUTTING BOARD allows for prep right on top of the sink, which is great for kitchens with limited counter space.


Custom-fit stainless steel GRIDS protect the bottom of your sink, as well as offer a resting place for utensils, plates, and glasses.