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BLANCO Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks combine apron front design and easy function for an element of country style in the kitchen.

BLANCO QUATRUS R15 Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Our BLANCO farmhouse style sinks, also known as apron front sinks, add a flair of countryside charm to any kitchen design. The front of the sink slightly protrudes from your countertop, providing depth and dimension. And BLANCO's selection of farmhouse sinks range in durable stainless steel, easy-to-clean fireclay and our patented SILGRANIT® material!

What is a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks have been around for decades and are designed with a classic, rustic style by allowing the front of the sink to stay exposed, keeping the kitchen sink a central component of your style. These types of sinks have a unique installation process that requires a custom countertop and cabinet cut which allows the front-facing portion to remain bare and slightly protruding. A farmhouse sink breaks from the tradition of hiding the bowl by highlighting the beauty of its shape and color, and are offered in many material options and styles, ranging from country kitchen to transitional to contemporary.

Why choose a farmhouse sink?

The sink is the hardest working and most often used appliance in the kitchen. Owners of farmhouse sinks appreciate the large work area inside the sink that allows them to perform the many tasks of meal preparation and clean up. Additionally, the depth of farmhouse sinks allows for ample space of washing larger items, such as heavy pots and baking sheets. Although farmhouse sinks have very traditional roots, they have evolved over time to keep up with modern kitchen trends. In fact, BLANCO specializes in providing farmhouse sink accessories for purchase, such as the farmhouse sink with a cutting board that positions itself as the perfect workspace when countertop space is limited.

How to choose the right farmhouse sink color

Farmhouse sinks are meant to be seen, and they are an important design element in any kitchen remodel. The color choice of the farmhouse sink is important because this sink will anchor the design of the entire kitchen space. The right sink color is one that works well with the cabinets, the countertop and the wall paint or tile. BLANCO offers farmhouse sinks in all three of our offered materials: stainless steel, fireclay, and our patented SILGRANIT®. With that in mind, you can figure out the perfect sink color to match your needs. The cool, silver-gray surface of a stainless steel farmhouse sink is perfect for utilitarian and modern designed kitchens, while our durable fireclay material offers both white and biscuit colors to create the perfect country style. And as always with our SILGRANIT granite composite kitchen sinks, you can choose from our eight popular color options: white, metallic gray, cinder, biscuit, truffle, anthracite, biscotti and cafe brown.

BLANCO IKON 27" Farmhouse Sink

IKON® 27" SILGRANIT® Farmhouse

A contemporary take on a classic style, the BLANCO IKON™ is the first farmhouse sink of its kind. A brand new compact design of the popular SILGRANIT farmhouse family, the IKON 27” presents a unique solution for smaller countertops. From rinsing fresh vegetables to washing the dishes, the IKON breathes new life into the cycle of preparing family meals. Beautifully designed. Scientifically proven.

BLANCO QUATRUS R15 ERGON Farmhouse Super Single

QUATRUS® R15 ERGON Farmhouse Super SIngle

Discover the definition of beautiful, contemporary style with the QUATRUS R15 collection. Made from the highest quality 18-gauge stainless steel and complete with a stunning satin finish, the show stopping QUATRUS R15 offers design versatility now includes the farmhouse style ERGON with convenient accessory ledge.

BLANCO QUATRUS R15 1-3/4 Apron with Low Divide

QUATRUS® R15 1/34 Apron with Low Divide

The QUATRUS R15 1-3/4 Apron with Low Divide adds another contemporary choice to the BLANCO farmhouse collection, for those who prefer a double bowl sink and still want the wow-factor of an apron front. The low center divide is thoughtfully designed so that large items like pots and cookie sheets can easily fit within the sink.

BLANCO CERANA II Fireclay Kitchen Sink


The all-new CERANA® II farmhouse sink is designed with an exquisite blend of durability and versatility, and fits in both traditional and modern kitchens. A reversible design with two different corner styles for added flexibility, this apron-front sink features rounded corners on one side and square corners on the other.

BLANCO PRECISION R0 DURINOX Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


BLANCO's latest innovation in stainless steel, DURINOX, features a specially finished stainless steel surface in a velvety-matte look, making the PRECISION R0 apron front sink a thing of both beauty and power. It is highly resistant to scratches and impervious to fingerprints in comparison with conventional stainless steel surfaces.

BLANCO IKON SILGRANIT Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


The first apron front sink of its kind - available in all 8 SILGRANIT® colors! BLANCO IKON - the apron front sink, now in our patented SILGRANIT material. Featuring the perfect combination of design, function and durability, the IKON is the personal design statement that sets your kitchen apart.

BLANCO PROFINA Fireclay Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


A farmhouse sink with a modern twist. The galley-style PROFINA sink is crafted of BLANCO's durable fireclay material, featuring an iconic farmhouse look, with thin walls and an integrated accessory ledge giving it a modern feel.

BLANCO QUATRUS R15 Apron Front Farmhouse Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


Introducing the QUATRUS® R15 Apron Front Super Single Bowl. This addition to the popular stainless steel line rounds out the collection with an apron-front installation. With all the stylish and functional details of the QUATRUS R15 line, this sink features a classic yet modern farmhouse design.

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