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Kitchen Sinks to Suit Any Style

Make a statement with a sink from BLANCO.

BLANCO kitchen sinks

The heart and soul of the kitchen belongs to the kitchen sink, the provider of clean, flowing water. It's important to choose a sink that fits the way you live. Whether you’re preparing food, cleaning up after a meal, or simply washing your dishes and utensils, there are many elements to consider during your decision process:

  • Bowl configuration: Spacious single bowl kitchen sinks are on trend right now for their ease of use, but you may prefer the functionality of a double bowl for washing and rinsing dishes. Low divide sinks are also a great option that provides the look of a single bowl, with the functionality of having a double bowl sink.
  • Material: Do you prefer the look of high-quality stainless steel, or do you find yourself drawn to color and durability like that of our patented granite composite SILGRANIT® sinks? Fireclay kitchen sinks are also a durable and easy to clean option, and lend a rustic farmhouse style to any kitchen.
  • Size and Depth: Bowl depth is an important factor to consider when choosing a sink. Deeper kitchen sinks provide more space in order to wash dishes or large items, such as pots, pans and cookie sheets, or you may consider a more shallow depth for convenience of reachability and ease of use.

Types of Kitchen Sink Materials

BLANCO offers kitchen sinks in 3 materials: stainless steel, SILGRANIT® and fireclay. Our stainless steel options are crafted from the highest quality steel, made to our own specifications. SILGRANIT sinks are built using our own patented granite composite material, which is beautifully designed and scientifically proven to be ultra-durable and easy to clean. And our fireclay sinks deliver a lustrous beauty with a durable surface for extended use, making it last for the years to come.

BLANCO stainless steel kitchen sinks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks made of BLANCO stainless steel are constructed to the world's highest manufacturing standard. We use only premium-grade steel made to our own demanding specifications. With the difference found in every little detail, like our signature satin polished finish, BLANCO stainless steel sinks are simply the best of the best.

BLANCO SILGRANIT kitchen sinks

SILGRANIT® Kitchen Sinks

BLANCO SILGRANIT® kitchen sinks are beautifully designed and scientifically proven to be scratch, stain and heat-resistant, giving you the option to put your cooking to the test. SILGRANIT sinks are available in 8 on-trend colors in warm and cool tones: anthracite, cafe brown, cinder, truffle, metallic gray, biscuit, biscotti and white.

BLANCO fireclay kitchen sinks

Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Fireclay kitchen sinks by BLANCO are crafted with artisan hand-finishing techniques and high-firing temperatures. Through a unique creation process, BLANCO delivers an extremely lustrous and durable surface that is shock-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant.

BLANCO SteelArt kitchen sinks

SteelArt® Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks from BLANCO SteelArt are handcrafted in Germany from a single sheet of premium stainless steel, following a unique approach to steel crafting. SteelArt sinks feature fine artistry and exclusive style, made from top-of-the-line materials that perfect your kitchen setup.

Accessories for Kitchen Sinks

A sink can easily be customized for the way you live by adding kitchen accessories, creating a multi-functional workspace. With the options of building your very own kitchen sink workstation, you’ll notice the difference each time you prepare a meal.

Cutting Boards

 BLANCO kitchen sink cutting boards

BLANCO cutting boards are designed as a perfect fit for allowing you to slice and dice on top of the kitchen sink, saving valuable space. They can also be moved to the countertop for prepping food.


 BLANCO kitchen sink colanders

Have you ever found yourself with a pot of boiling noodles, with nowhere to put them? Wash and rinse items in your sink with a custom colander by BLANCO. BLANCO colanders are designed to work perfectly with your sink workstation, and rest accessibly to the side.

Sink Grids

 BLANCO kitchen sink grids

Grids do wonders for protecting your sink, and also provide the perfect place for stacking silverware and dishware. BLANCO stainless steel grids are custom designed to conveniently fit your sink – no additional work needed.

Compost Systems

 BLANCO compost systems for kitchen sinks

Composting has never been easier with the BLANCO SOLON compost system. This stainless steel bin stores easily and elegantly out of sight beneath the countertop, giving you the space you need to work while supporting green initiatives.


 BLANCO workstations for kitchen sinks

Keep utensils safe and organized with workstations for BLANCO kitchen sinks. This handy addition fits easily inside your sink, keeping all of your tools and utensils within reach.

Strainers and Covers

 BLANCO kitchen sink strainers and drain covers

Beautify your sink with a matching kitchen sink strainer or a drain cover, to conveniently hide the drain when not in use. It's the perfect solution for catching food scraps during meal preparations.

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Do you have any inquiries regarding cleaning and caring for your BLANCO sinks? We've taken the time to answer a few of our most popularly-asked questions on our FAQ page.

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