Unique pieces full of character

Concrete-Style: the new Silgranit colour for selected sinks

Genuine, unaltered, minimalist: concrete is a material with universal appeal. And it can also play a starring role in sophisticated interior design. Both its colour and distinctive look lend a special something to the space. With its new Concrete-Style Silgranit shade, Blanco now offers a range of kitchen sinks and bowls in an authentic material look. Every sink looks like a unique item. Concrete typically has a heterogeneous structure, featuring lighter, darker, matt and subtly glossy areas alike, so no two pieces are ever identical. It is precisely this individuality that makes Concrete-Style so remarkable and ideally suited to kitchen plans and puristic design.

A unique piece, full of character: Blanco Adon XL 6 S in the new Concrete-Style colour.

Whether for worktops along a wall or a free-standing kitchen island, Concrete-Style works brilliantly in combination with woods that contain subtle grey tones, such as ash and oak. The new shade chimes perfectly with room concepts that deploy concrete as a design element, whether for the walls, flooring or kitchen fittings. Concrete-Style sinks and bowls are particularly impressive for their outstanding ease of maintenance, their resistance and the appealing stone-like character of Silgranit PuraDur.

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