Give your kitchen a make-over without breaking the bank


From everyday lunches to special celebrations, we spend a lot of time in our kitchens, it really is the heart of the home. Due to the nature of kitchen renovations, revamping your whole kitchen is not something which many can afford to do often whether that be down to cost, inconvenience or time. However, if your kitchen is looking a bit tired, there are simple and cost-effective ways to make small changes that make a big difference. Check out our top tips to give your kitchen a refresh, making it feel like a new space.


A lick of paint

Paint is usually one of the most cost-effective ways to transform any space. Everyday kitchen cooking can really discolour any wall, meaning that even if you were to re-paint with the existing colour, it could make a big difference.

Kitchen Spray tap

Upgrade your kitchen sink and tap

The hub of most kitchens is the sink area… after all, it is where most of the time in the kitchen is spent. Introduce a pop of colour with a SILGRANIT granite sink, or change the material or style of your kitchen tap. Replacing your kitchen sink or tap (or both) will refresh the room, giving the feeling of a new space and will keep the desire for a new kitchen at bay.

House plant

Bring the outdoors in

Greenery provides a calming and positive environment, improving physical wellbeing as well as the ability to lift a room and brighten a kitchen. Introduce house plants to your space to give that ‘refreshed’ feeling with minimal upkeep.

Kitchen handles

Change door handles

By simply changing handles on your kitchen cabinets, your entire space can feel good as new! Door handles within kitchens can age faster than the units themselves, dating the look of the whole kitchen, so modernising them to your current taste will give you a feeling of a new kitchen, without breaking the bank.


Refresh the lighting

Good kitchen lighting can help a modest kitchen make a big statement. Even if you do not go for an extravagant change, it will automatically be effective as the lighting level will change and you can add task lighting to those notorious dark spots that are unique to the way you use your own kitchen. There are many ways you can do this including, spotlights, pendants, downlights, LED or other statement lighting.

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