Growing family?

Here’s how to maximise space in your kitchen

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A well planned kitchen should grow and change with your family throughout the years. It’s important to utilise the space to its full potential, making the most of every last inch! Your kitchen drawers should be easy to search when full, an efficient waste management system should be in place, and every opportunity to gain a little extra room should be grabbed with both hands


The humble cutlery organiser is a staple accessory in any kitchen, but there are plenty of other ways to organise drawers, cupboards and counters. Make use of every square inch in your kitchen with intelligent shelving and storage.


Waste management

Running a family home and saving the environment can be challenging so organising your kitchen space is crucial. For many homes it isn’t practical to have two or three bins to separate waste, however there are plenty of all-in-one solutions to help. Read our article ‘How to effectively manage household waste ’ for more tips on household recycling.


Furniture and fixtures

Space saving furniture can be a lifesaver for growing families and there are hundreds of stylish options to choose from. From your kitchen sink to dining room table, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of essential kitchen and dining spaces. BLANCO’s ETAGON range is designed to turn your kitchen sink area into a multifunctional workspace, saving precious worktop space.

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If you’re trying to create a spacious kitchen, dark colours are best avoided. Try brightening your kitchen space with light walls and flooring using natural hues and tones. You can incorporate colour pops and brighter tones by using accessories - perfect if you fancy changing things up at a moment’s notice.

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For more tips on creating a stylish kitchen space, visit our design guides where we share ideas, trends and practical advice.

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