BLANCO filter systems make water simply delicious

The FONTAS II is a brilliant kitchen feature, and not just because it provides filtered water straight from the tap
Less limescale, more taste: BLANCO Filter systems make water simply delicious.
Get directly filtered water from the tap with the FONTAS II

A fresh drink of water can be utterly delicious! When you’re really thirsty, there’s nothing better. And when you’re making tea, putting together your own bottled water or using ice cubes, you want to know that you have high-quality water you can rely on.

An integrated BWT multi-stage filter purifies the water, reduces limescale and heavy metal content and thus appreciably enhances the taste. BLANCO filter systems provide three options: warm, cold and filtered cold water. A single mixer tap does all 3 in 1. It’s the ultimate in smartness.

Reduces limescale. Improves taste. Beautifies your kitchen.

Plain old tap water is transformed into deliciously purified, fresh drinking water. Your body will thank you. No more flakes in your cup of tea. Limescale build-up in coffee machines, kettles and other kitchen appliances is also massively reduced. This will lengthen your life and save you lots of laborious cleaning.

Filtered drinking water directly from the mixer tap

Filtered drinking water flows straight from the mixer tap. Simply delicious.

On the one side you get filtered, purified water, and on the other unfiltered warm and cold mains water.

Hygienic: no mixing with mains water

Hygienic: no mixing with mains water

Filtered and unfiltered tap water flows completely separately through the pipes and the spout. There’s no risk of them getting mixed together.

The only filter mixer tap with a pull-out hose

The only filter mixer tap with a pull-out hose

FONTAS-S II provides plenty of room for manoeuvre around the sink. This spout allows flexible use around the sink, making it easy to fill household appliances like your kettle or coffee machine reservoir with filtered water.
A fresh solution that tastes great.

Filtered. Purified. Simply delicious.

Transforms plain old tap water into deliciously purified, fresh drinking water.

The BWT multi-stage filter

transforms plain old tap water into deliciously purified, fresh drinking water.

BWT filter: Transverse section image

Better water quality thanks to the multi-stage filter

BLANCO’s filtering systems reduce not only the limescale content, but also the amount of heavy metals and chlorine.

Precise flow rate

Precise flow rate

The flow meter display shows you how much water the filter is still able to purify and descale.

Replacing filter cartridges

Replacing filter cartridges

Replacing the BWT multi-stage filter is simple: just unscrew the old one and screw the new one in.

The most frequently asked questions about BLANCO filter mixer taps

Where can you buy BLANCO filter mixer taps?

BLANCO filtering systems are available from kitchen retailers.

Does a filter mixer tap filter all water that flows through it, i.e. “normal” cold and warm water?

No, only drawable filtered water is provided via the separate rotary switch. “Normal” mixed water (warm and cold) does not pass through the BLANCO filter.

When does the filter for the mixer tap need to be changed?

The longevity of the future will depend on the location and hardness of the local water. The flow meter in the filter of your mixer tap measures the actual amount of water that is flowing through it and shows the remaining capacity in litres on a display. This gives you an indication of when the filter will need to be changed. Once the capacity has gone down to zero, a ten-time signal sounds when the filter is used to warn you that it needs to be changed. Even if you do not use it very much, the filter will still need to be changed at least every 12 months.

Can I use other filters?

No, only BLANCO filter cartridges can be used.

Can I replace the filter myself, or does it need to be done by a technician?

You can replace the filter yourself. A specialist technician is not required. When replacing the filter, do not turn the angle valve, as the filter head is already fitted with a shut-off valve. The water flow will stop automatically if the filter is removed.

What is the best way to dispose of the filter?

You can dispose of the filter along with your normal household waste. The filter contains carbon, which if fine to throw away.

Where can I buy replacement filter cartridges?

You can buy the filters from the BLANCO spare parts shop or via your local dealer.

Can the filter be installed horizontally?

No, it is not possible to install or position the filter horizontally. It only works properly if installed vertically.

How long can an unused filter be stored?

As long as the packaging is unopened, filters do not have an expiry date.

What happens if I don’t use the filtering system for a long time?

We recommend making sure that your filter does not go unused for a long time. If the filter function goes unused for about 2–3 days, you should run at least 4 litres of water through it. If the filter is not used for 4 weeks or more, replace it with another.

Can the filter be adjusted do different levels of water hardness?

No, the filter head is preset. A specific amount of water is run through the ion exchanged and thus softened. Water hardness is intentionally not completely filtered out of the water. Essentially, however, the entire amount of water also flows through the other filter steps, the particle filter and the activated carbon filter. Only one option can be set on the bypass setting.

What are the hoses in the filtering system made of?

The hoses are made of PEX. This material is approved for drinking water and is also used in the drinks industry.