Boiling hot water in an instant

Hot water directly from the kitchen mixer tap thanks to BLANCO TAMPERA Hot
Get hot water directly from the tap with BLANCO TAMPERA Hot
Make tea with hot water directly from the mixer tap – BLANCO TAMPERA Hot is the solution you need.

Whether you want to pour fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, If you want to boil some water, you usually have to wait. But not any longer! Now you have the smart BLANCO TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 mixer tap instead. 3-in-1 means cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single mixer tap.

Having boiling water on-tap without having to wait is a real advantage and saves valuable time. The mixer tap is controlled via a separate hot water rotary switch with a safety catch. After every use, the rotary switch springs straight back to the original position, ensuring maximum safety.

How long do you have to wait for 1 litre of boiling water*

These figures are approximate, as they depend on the test conditions and the equipment performance, pot and air pressure.

Get boiling hot water in an instant from the hot water mixer tap

No need to boil water. No need to wait. Always a pleasure.

One touch of a button. One turn. Boiling hot in an instant.

Is waiting around impatiently for hot water to be ready really necessary in this day and age? Be smart and save yourself all that. The TAMPERA Hot by BLANCO will give you valuable extra space on your worktop, not to mention freeing up precious time for the important things in life.

The TAMPERA Hot can also be safely used by young children

Safe even for little ones

Hot water flows only when the knob is touched and turned at the same time. As soon as you release the rotary switch, it springs straight back to the original position and the water stops flowing.

Boiling hot water directly from the tap with TAMPERA Hot

Compact stream of boiling water

The insulated spout and the concentrated, low-spray jet of water protect your hands from the hot water.

The TAMPERA Hot provides boiling hot water, as well as warm and cold water

3-in-1 mixer tap

The 3-in-1 mixer tap with a left-hand rotary switch for boiling hot water and a right-hand mixer lever for warm and cold water.

The tap flows up above. The hard work happens down below.

High-tech in the base cabinet

High-tech in the base cabinet

The high-pressure boiler is made of titanium, so it is resistant to corrosion and tasteless

Hot water now tastes better than ever with the BWT multi-stage filter:

BWT multi-stage filter

Before heating, this innovative, high-performance filter purifies the water from the pipe several times

If the filter needs to be changed, the flow meter will warn you by sounding a signal

Replace the filter at the right time

If the filter needs to be changed, the flow meter will warn you by sounding a signal

There is enough room in the base cabinet for a waste management system

Compact fit in the base cabinet

There is enough room in the base cabinet for a BLANCO waste management system

The most frequently asked questions about hot water mixer taps

How hot is the water from the BLANCO TAMPERA hot water mixer tap?

The boiler heats the water within the system to around 105 degrees so that the temperature of the water flowing from the tap is almost 100 degrees.

Can I install the hot water system with a low-pressure boiler?

No, this is a high-pressure mixer tap.

When does the filter for the mixer tap need to be changed?

The longevity of the future will depend on the location and hardness of the local water. The flowmeter in the filter of your mixer tap measures the actual amount of water that is flowing through it and shows the remaining capacity in litres on a display. This gives you an indication of when the filter will need to be changed. Once the capacity has gone down to zero, a ten-time signal sounds when the filter is used to warn you that it needs to be changed. Even if you do not use it very much, the filter will still need to be changed at least every 12 months.

Can I use other filters?

No, only BLANCO filter cartridges can be used.

Where can I buy replacement filter cartridges?

You can buy the filters from the BLANCO spare parts shop or via your local dealer.

What happens if I don’t use the hot water tap for a long time?

We recommend making sure that your filter does not go unused for a long time. If the filter function goes unused for about 2–3 days, you should run at least 4 litres of water through it. If the filter in your hot water mixer tap is not used for 4 weeks or more, replace it with another.

How long can an unused filter be stored?

As long as the packaging is unopened, filters do not have an expiry date.

Can the filter in the hot water mixer tap be adjusted do different levels of water hardness?

No, the filter head is preset. A specific amount of water is run through the ion exchanged and thus softened. Water hardness is intentionally not completely filtered out of the water. Essentially, however, the entire amount of water also flows through the other filter steps, the particle filter and the activated carbon filter. Only one option can be set on the bypass setting.

Can I replace the filter myself, or does it need to be done by a technician?

You can replace the filter yourself. A specialist technician is not required. When replacing the filter, do not turn the angle valve, as the filter head is already fitted with a shut-off valve. The water flow will stop automatically if the filter is removed.

Can the filter be installed horizontally?

No, it is not possible to install or position the filter horizontally. It only works properly if installed vertically.

How long does the boiler take to heat up fresh water?

If all of the water has been used up and the boiler has to heat up the entire volume of water from scratch, the heating-up will take around 15 minutes.

Is there a risk of burning myself on the mixer tap spout?

No, not under normal circumstances. The internal structure of the spout is such that boiling water is surrounding by normal mixed (warm/cold) water, thus insulating the spout. If the spout becomes unpleasantly hot due to constant drawing of boiling water, you should run the cold water briefly. This will soon cool the spout down again.

Are BLANCO hot water systems safe for children?

The controls have been specially developed in such a way that the hot water function is operated separately from the mixed water. However, please supervise children when using the mixer tap.

If the hot water system compatible with the waste management system in the base cabinet?

Yes, BLANCO has a special waste management system specifically for this purpose, with smaller dimensions to fit in a 60-cm base cabinet. The BLANCO SELECT Compact 60/2 requires dimensions of 550 mm.