Always exactly the amount of water you need


Perfection is everything working precisely. Like the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO. Thanks to its integrated measuring cup function, the EVOL-S Volume always provides exactly the amount of water that you need, which can be set precisely using the rotary control and intuitive touch operation.

Another plus is that using a specific amount of water puts an end to unnecessary wasting of water, making this mixer tap economical and environmentally friendly. The new dynamic flow control system provides intelligent control of the water flow: the greater the amount of water you want, the more powerful the jet and the faster the water flow. This means no unnecessary waiting.

For precision cooks. For those who love accuracy. For water savers.

Easy to adjust. Tap once. Millilitre precision water flow.

With the BLANCO smart mixer tap EVOL-S Volume you can widen the possibilities of this kitchen hero. More than just mixing cold and warm, Draw the exact amount you need. Precise, perfect and in a timeless contemporary design. One small step for mankind. A big step towards perfecting everyday kitchen tasks.

Precise quantity presetting with the EVOL-S Volume

Precise quantity setting

Use the scaling wheel to set the exact amount of water that you want to come out of the tap, in small increments from 100 ml to 5 litres.

Intuitive touch control

Intuitive touch control

Tap on the left-hand lever and the set amount of water comes out of the mixer tap.

Measuring cup function with a pull-out hose

Measuring cup function with a pull-out hose

In a high-quality metal finish, the pull-out spout gives you more freedom of movement around the sink. As such, the measuring cup function can also be used beside the sink, including for filling watering cans or kettles on the worktop.

Mixer tap measuring cup function: frequently asked questions

How long does the water run on the “max” setting and how many litres does it provide?

After touching the sensor point, the water runs for 90 seconds on the “max” setting. Around 11 litres flow out during this time, before the mixer tap stops running automatically.

Does the lever on the right-hand side need to be open in order to activate the measuring cup function?

No, the measuring cup function works completely separately from the mixed water (warm/cold) which is set via the lever.

Can I combine the measuring cup function with setting the temperature?

No – the measuring cup function is connected to the cold water pipe.

Can the measuring cup function be stopped before the target amount has been reached?

Yes, the flow of water can be stopped at any time by touching the sensor again.

Can I switch off the measuring cup function, e.g. to clean the mixer tap or if I’m away on holiday?

Yes, the measuring cup function can be switched off using the rotary switch on the left-hand side. To do so, the scaling wheel must be set to the “0” position. The blue light will then go off and the sensor point on the side is deactivated.

BLANCO EVOL-S Volume installation video

EVOL-S Volume installation video

This video shows you how to install your EVOL-S Volume kitchen mixer tap (high pressure). We use different models from the EVOL-S Volume product range to take you through the installation process step by step, from setting up the mixer tap in its ideal position using the tap hole to connecting the pipes. Find out all about the correct installation of your BLANCO kitchen mixer tap and watch the professionals take you through it in this video