Smart mixer taps

Welcome to the future of kitchen mixer taps!

Smart mixer taps from BLANCO

BLANCO is entering a new era with its innovative range of Smart mixer taps. The Smart product range is geared towards highly specific uses in the kitchen. To put it another way, each of the four mixer taps helps to solve a different everyday problem.

Four modern, future-proof smart mixer taps that provide perfect solutions for everyday use in the kitchen. Four distinctive beacons of outstanding quality that demand a place in your kitchen. It doesn’t get smarter than that.

Smart inventions. An array of functions. Countless applications.

Pictograms of BLANCO Smart mixer taps.

Always the exact amount of water you need

Perfection is everything working precisely. Like the EVOL-S Volume from BLANCO. Thanks to its integrated measuring cup function, the EVOL-S Volume smart tap always provides exactly the amount of water that you need, which can be set precisely using the rotary control and intuitive touch operation.

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Boiling hot water in no time

Whether you want to pour fresh tea, brew some coffee, blanch vegetables or fill up your hot-water bottle, if you want to boil some water, you usually have to wait. But not any longer! Now you have the smart BLANCO TAMPERA Hot 3-in-1 mixer tap instead. 3-in-1 means cold, warm and instant boiling water from a single smart mixer tap.

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BLANCO Filter systems

A fresh drink of water can be utterly delicious!

When you’re really thirsty, there’s nothing better. When you’re making tea, putting together your own bottled water or using ice cubes, you want to know that you have high-quality water you can rely on. Less limescale, more taste: BLANCO filter systems make water simply delicious.

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Touch-free operation: simply a great feeling

Everyone is familiar with the situation of having both hands full in the kitchen, whether you’re mixing ingredients for a birthday cake or marinating the Sunday roast. And it’s just then that you need some water. The SOLENTA-S Senso smart tap has just the smart system to help, and is setting a new benchmark with its innovative sensor technology and start-stop function.

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Professional installation of BLANCO Smart mixer taps.

Smart solutions, professional installation

BLANCO offers its own installation service for Smart mixer taps . The mixer taps are installed as part of the kitchen assembly on site by qualified BLANCO technicians, thus ensuring greater safety and reliability. You also get an induction into the functions, operation and maintenance of the smart mixer taps.

BLANCO Smart mixer taps brochure

Smart mixer taps on the go

Do you want to look at the Smart mixer taps in detail and offline on a tablet? Then here’s your chance: download the smart mixer taps brochure below.

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Download everything you need to know about BLANCO Smart mixer taps here and explore the information on your tablet or smartphone even when you’re offline.