Functional design and clear lines

FAVOS - Functional design and clear lines
BLANCO FAVOS is impressive for its high-quality materials, clean lines and a maximum of usable space despite its small dimensions. As such, it is also ideal for small kitchens. These sinks, which feature spacious bowls and large drainers, are made of Silgranit, a durable and resistant material that is easy to clean. This means that you'll be enjoying your FAVOS sink for a long time to come. What's more, you'll experience the velvety-smooth feel of the material, which looks wonderfully elegant, too. The FAVOS models come in six different colours, allowing you to pair them with a range of kitchen worktops and styles. They can also be installed reversibly. This aspect of the design allows you to position the bowl either to the left or right of the drainer, according to your individual wishes or to fit the space in question. For a perfect set-up, you can supplement your FAVOS sink with a matching wooden cutting board, thus extending your kitchen worktop space to optimum effect.

What will your FAVOS look like?

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