SITY - Add a dash of colour to your kitchen


Add a dash of colour to your kitchen

The BLANCO SITY is a brand new sink with an unusual design that offers plenty of freedom. The spacious XL bowl and ingeniously designed drainer make this sink the ideal set-up for kitchen tasks. Whether you're doing lots of washing up or plunging tomatoes into cold water, your worktop will remain dry with this sink. The drainer with its ‘staggered areas’ is both unique and practical, as the cutting pad dovetails perfectly with the lines of the drainer and is slip-resistant.
Add a dash of colour to your kitchen – the versatile SITYPad and SITYBox come in lemon, kiwi, orange or lava grey, allowing you to customise your sink to your taste. Do you love fresh green? Opt for kiwi as an accent colour to transform your sink into an eye-catching feature!
BLANCO SITY XL 6 S in gelb
STIYPad lava grey

The flexible SITYPad cutting board

Perfectly integrated, slip-resistant and practical – the SITYPad.

SITYBox lava grey

Practical SITYBox receptacle

The SITYBox provides a place to sort and store things inside and outside the sink.

What will your SITY look like?

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