Sophisticated stainless steel workt

Exclusivity. Made from stainless steel and passion.

Durinox stainless steel worktops – made by BLANCO

A stainless steel worktop introduces a note of style to modern fittings. It provides a space to work. And it needs space to do its thing. Its cool elegance makes a clear statement about your design savvy. It is an expression of your individuality. It is custom-made to your exact specifications. It can come with rounded curves or strictly straight edges.Every stainless steel worktop from our BLANCO SteelArt high-tech manufactory is a unique piece. Each one is the result of our constant pursuit of perfection. It is made with highly skilled workmanship, many years of experience with stainless steel and the very latest technology. Puristic. Perfectly formed. Exclusive.

Custom-made and unique.

First inspire. Then convince. With stainless steel worktops, it’s a done deal. Indeed, stainless steel worktops are obligatory in professional kitchens. This material is practically perfect for kitchen tasks. It is easy to clean, food-safe and hygienically clean.

The material properties of stainless steel leave you with plenty of creative freedom. It is possible to integrate a bowl in your desired shape almost seamlessly, as well as including a recess as a functional herb box or an integrated back panel. Our manufacturing process is characterised by plenty of attention to details and the highest quality standards.

Durinox stainless steel worktops in a puristic style
Durinox stainless steel worktops in industrial chic style
Durinox worktops that delight and impress

Pleasing to the eye, a blessing for the palpator

The three SteelArt stainless steel surfaces – Durinox, satin polish and satin matte – are impressive for their almost unlimited design options and provide a unique visual and tactile experience.

Stainless Steel Satin Polish

Stainless Steel Satin Polish

Polished stainless steel delights with its sophisticated sheen. The classically timeless satin polish surface fits perfectly with any design look. The material consists of the purest stainless steel, while its linear-brushed finish sets it apart from other stainless steel surfaces. The very fine texture of the surface lends the stainless steel a particularly smooth feel.

Stainless Steel Satin Matte worktops

Stainless Steel Satin Matt

The satin matt surface look makes this one of the most popular kitchen materials. The subtle polish of the surface gives the stainless steel a soft, velvety look. The special processing of the surface results in a matt finish, which can be optimally combined with a great variety of hoods, fronts or refrigerators. As such, satin matt is a great choice in kitchen design.

Durinox worktops

Stainless Steel BLANCO Durinox

A velvety-matt surface combined with higher resistance is revolutionising stainless steel as we know it and reinventing it anew. With its new surface treatment, BLANCO Durinox obtains exceptional hardness and extraordinary design. This innovation is setting new standards worldwide, making hardened stainless steel less susceptible to scratches, and is also easy to clean and maintain. With its even surface, this unique material provides a visual haven of peace in the kitchen. The velvety surface also works well when combined with natural materials such as wood and stone.

More about Durinox

Hard or soft – various edge designs

Durinox worktop with a 1mm edge radius

R1 edge design

The 1 mm edge radius is a proof for BLANCO SteelArt's expertise with stainless steel.

Durinox worktop with a 3mm edge radius

R3 edge design

A 3 mm edge radius provides a clearly defined edge with delicate roundings.

Durinox worktop with a SolidEdge


The SolidEdge is notable for its 6-mm thick, solidly built rim.

Durinox worktop with a chamfered edge design

Chamfered edge design

The chamfered edge gives worktops a striking look and is notable for its elegance.

Seamlessly paired – stainless steel worktop features to choose from

Durinox worktop with weld-in bowl

Integrated bowls

The flawless look of the perfect kitchen workbench achieved by integrating our high-quality stainless steel bowls into the worktop. The combination of bowl and worktop is remarkable for its seamless appearance, which is solely down to our perfect workmanship.

Durinox worktop with weld-in sink

Integrated sinks

With BLANCO, you have the option of integrating your stainless steel sinks seamlessly into the worktop. The continuous transition from worktop to drainer and sink gives the impression that everything is crafted from a single piece.

Material mix

Stylish material mix

Combine an elegant stainless steel worktop with the easy-care and resistant undermount bowl BLANCO SUBLINE, made of SILGRANIT. The anthracite-coloured bowl is flush-undermounted by SteelArt and installed almost seamlessly into the worktop.

Durinox worktop with cut-out for inset hob

Cut-outs for inset hobs

To make your kitchen dream a reality, we offer cut-outs for hobs, which can be integrated either as a flushmount design or installed from above into the worktop.

Questions about stainless steel worktops

Is it possible to see the solutions listed here live in action?

Many of our kitchen retail partners have specialised in SteelArt designs, and are specially skilled in this area. Their showroons always feature kitchens with custom-made SteelArt products, which give you a feel for the potential design freedom and a taste of their outstanding quality.

Where can I buy custom-made worktops?

BLANCO SteelArt is only available from professional specialist dealers. SteelArt partners are recommended as your first port of call for expert advice, planning and installation, and will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote.
Our employees will be glad to name a SteelArt partner from a kitchen and furniture dealer within your area. Please tell us your country, place of residence or desired area. Please send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you.

What should I be aware of when planning a kitchen?

SteelArt worktops are made individually, with millimetre precision, according to your personal requirements. As such, you can choose from an array of designs. Even with sinks that are integrated into the worktop, you can choose from a wide range of different formats and designs, as well as combining these as you wish. Unfortunately, however, it is not possible to make the bowls to custom dimensions.

If you want to integrate the cooking hob into your worktop, your specialist dealer will provide us with the necessary product information, with the dimensions and any other relevant details; we do not need the hob itself for this purpose.

What is the time of delivery for custom-made stainless steel worktops?

The detailed plans are drawn up by the specialist dealer in close cooperation with BLANCO SteelArt, and can usually be implemented at short notice. SteelArt usually requires around 5 weeks for production, starting with your binding approval of the drawing.

Who will install the SteelArt solution in my kitchen?

Professional installation by the specialist dealer or their collaborating partner is usually included in the scope of delivery, and is recommended by BLANCO. Normally, this will also include the installation of the cooking hob, if applicable. This means that you get everything from a single source, for optimal results.

If, contrary to expectations, something goes wrong, you’re in good hands when it comes to fixing the problem.

Can a worktop be modified during installation on site?

SteelArt solutions are manufactured individually according to your specifications, so it is vital for all of those involved to look at the drawing carefully. We would generally advise against any corrections on site.