BRAVON - For optimum comfort
BRAVON - For optimum comfort


For optimum comfort

Thanks to its timeless, classic design, BLANCO BRAVON works particularly well in kitchens with am unfussy, minimalist look. This mixer tap puts the emphasis on functionality: BLANCO BRAVON’s high, arched outlet offers barrier-free working at the tap and sink – filling large pots or vases presents no problem at all. The large swivel range only add to the convenience of the BLANCO BRAVON design. And thanks to the ergonomic lever, you always have complete control of the amount of water and the flow intensity. The BLANCO BRAVON-S model also has an extendible outlet. Our BLANCO BRAVON mixer tap is particularly recommended for kitchens with small, compact sinks.
BLANCO BRAVON at a small bowl

For small sinks

If you only have limited space in your kitchen, then making the most of it can prove a challenge. Our kitchen mixer taps offer specific advantages in small kitchens. The low height of the mixer tap means that your small bowl will not overloaded. Thanks to the long spout, you can work as easily as you would with a standard kitchen mixer tap, with enough room to work comfortably. In addition, the long spout prevents falling water from splashing up too much, which is a common problem with small sinks.

In terms of design, our mixer taps for small sinks fit perfectly into the overall look of your kitchen: “delicate, not bulky” is the approach behind this concept. Some mixer taps serve as good examples, impressive for their fine lines and great stability. BLANCO mixer taps for small sinks allow you to cleverly upgrade compact sink centre!

BLANCO LATO in chrome

Washing-up liquid and soap dispensers in a matching design

Practical, sustainable and elegant: the permanently integrated washing-up liquid and soap dispensers for the sink are available in designs that match many BLANCO mixer taps and thus fit seamlessly in to the look of your kitchen. They can also be retrofitted to most Silgranit bowls. This makes rinsing dishes or washing your hands especially easy and convenient, as the dispenser is a breeze to operate even if your hands are wet or slippery. One simple push is enough. As the fittings are fixed, they can't topple over or slip around. When the dispenser is empty, you can fill it back up in no time at all. Thanks to the ease of use, our washing-up liquid and soap dispensers will remain efficient and effective for a long time to come.

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Kitchen mixer tap with solid spout

Low-pressure mixer taps for your kitchen

Low-pressure kitchen mixer taps are always used if the warm water for the kitchen and bathroom does not come from a central hot water supply. Instead, it is usually supplied via a boiler. The low-pressure mixer tap is equipped with three connecting hoses. One hose is connected to the central cold water network, with the other two connected to the boiler. If you need hot water, the cold water from the cold water hose is fed directly into the boiler, where it is heated up and then supplied to the outflow via the third hose. Only then are the cold and hot water mixed together to achieve the desired temperature. A low-pressure mixer tap also saves energy, as the decentralised heating loses less energy in the process of supplying hot water.

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Minimalistic kitchen

A haven of tranquillity in your home

Minimalism leaves you room to think clearly. Above all, your kitchen should be somewhere that everything has its own place, and where you can relax.

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