PERISCOPE - The modern mixer tap for window-facing installation
PERISCOPE - The modern mixer tap for window-facing installation


The modern mixer tap for window-facing installation

Your sink is right in front of the kitchen window and but you also want to let enough air in. Opening the window presents no problem with our retractable BLANCO PERISCOPE kitchen mixer tap. If necessary, the elegant outlet can be almost completely lowered into the rim of the bowl, allowing you to have your window fully open. When it is fully extended, the installed height makes filling large pots and vases easy. The extendible hose in top-quality metal is another brilliant detail. BLANCO PERISCOPE looks particularly good with undermount bowls, in other words sink bowls, that are attached beneath the worktop. Please note: a 35 mm-diameter hole must be drilled in order to install the mixer tap and control lever.
Periscope to retract

Retractable window-facing mixer tap

Retractable mixer taps in a clean design make a particularly elegant option for installation facing a window. This allows you to enjoy an instant, unobstructed view outside, with the window open. By pressing down lightly, you can lower the slender body of the BLANCO PERISCOPE-S-F II or the BLANCO ELOSCOPE-F-II smoothly and easily. The advantage is that the mixer tap remains fully functional in any position, even when lowered. This means that you can turn on the water as normal, even if the mixer tap is lowered and the window open. Retractable window-facing mixer taps in a straight-lined design and the latest technology only require a minimum distance of 3 cm between the sink and window sash for installation.

Window-facing mixer taps

Peeling, chopping, washing, rinsing – you can do all that while enjoying a view of the great outdoors. Read on for all you need to know about mixer taps alongside windows.

Window-facing mixer taps
BLANCO LATO in chrome

Washing-up liquid and soap dispensers in a matching design

Practical, sustainable and elegant: the permanently integrated washing-up liquid and soap dispensers for the sink are available in designs that match many BLANCO mixer taps and thus fit seamlessly in to the look of your kitchen. They can also be retrofitted to most Silgranit bowls. This makes rinsing dishes or washing your hands especially easy and convenient, as the dispenser is a breeze to operate even if your hands are wet or slippery. One simple push is enough. As the fittings are fixed, they can't topple over or slip around. When the dispenser is empty, you can fill it back up in no time at all. Thanks to the ease of use, our washing-up liquid and soap dispensers will remain efficient and effective for a long time to come.

What will your PERISCOPE look like?

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Make the most of your window space

Mixer taps for the space beneath your window

The space in front of the kitchen window often ends up being wasted, despite it being one of the best places in the room.

windows-facing mixer taps