Framed elegance

ATTIKA - Framed elegance
ATTIKA - Framed elegance
ATTIKA - Framed elegance
A large bowl combined with a raised frame – add a touch of elegance to highlight your exclusive kitchen design with a sink from the BLANCO ATTIKA range. What makes extraordinary sink design particularly special is the way in which it accentuates the look of material stainless steel, which is bound to delight with its unusual and striking details. The multi-award-winning Stainless Steel design sinks also provide extra convenience. When combined with the large draining bowl and the walnut compound bridging chopping board, which can be used in various ways, BLANCO ATTIKA bowls become a remarkable kitchen prep station. Opt for BLANCO ATTIKA to introduce striking accents to your modern kitchen design.

XL bowl

An extra-large bowl opens up new possibilities for working at the kitchen sink, and you’ll never want to be without them again. You’ll notice the difference from the very first time you wash the dishes – for instance, leaving a large pot to soak in the bowl won't be a problem, and draining a wok in the bowl is a breeze. XL bowls are also just the thing when it comes to preparing food: when combined with the matching accessories, it is possible to perform several tasks at the same time, such as rinsing salad leaves in the bowl below while draining tomatoes on an attachable drip grid above. Filling up high-sided vessels is also easy thanks to the extra-large bowl. This allows you to make the most of the newly acquired space in your XL sink.

What will your ATTIKA look like?

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