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Hobs - built with BLANCO quality in mind

Designed to suit the way you cook.


Ceramic and induction hobs

There are two types of modern electric kitchen hobs: ceramic and induction. The functionality of the two types can vary dramatically however both ceramic and induction hobs have a number of characteristics in common.

Electric hobs are the practical choice if gas is not available and are suitable for families with young children as many electric hobs come with a number of important safety features. Many hobs include features such as heat indicators that show when a zone is still hot to the touch, and locks that stop the hob from operating until the right combination of buttons is pressed. Such features ensure safety at all times.

Cooking is a fundamental day-to-day task and whether you are cooking socially or to feed your family, choosing the right hob for your kitchen is vital. All BLANCO hobs boast innovative features to make cooking safer and more enjoyable, and they are rigorously tested to withstand many years of use - even in the busiest kitchen.

Induction or ceramic: how do you choose?

BLANCO has a wide range of induction hobs. Here we explain what to consider when deciding if induction hobs are the right choice for you.

How does induction technology work?

Induction hobs provide the most efficient method of cooking thanks to a magnetic field that instantly transfers heat and transforms your pan into the heat conductor. An electric current is passed through a coil, situated beneath the ceramic glass, which transmits thermal energy to the base of the pan only. Heat passes from the pan to the food you are cooking only, not the surrounding hob. BLANCO induction hobs eliminate hot spots due to its 'all heat' cooking zones meaning that the base of the pan is evenly heated.

Induction Hob

Will it suit my kitchen?

The term 'ceramic' refers to the finish of the hob, rather than its functionality. Both standard electric hobs and induction hobs are made with a ceramic glass and are fitted flush to your worktop, giving a stylish and sleek look. BLANCO also offers stainless steel trims on ceramic models to match stainless steel appliances throughout the rest of your kitchen. They are the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen design, combining modern technology, convenience and style.

Induction Hob

Do I need special pans?

On a standard ceramic hob you can use almost any type of pan, however induction hobs require that you use a specific material. This is because of the way in which induction hobs transfer thermal energy - by creating a magnetic field. Cast iron pans and any black metal or iron pans will work on an induction cooking surface. Stainless steel pans will work on an induction cooking surface if the base of the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel. To test whether a saucepan is induction hob friendly, hold a magnet to the bottom. If it attracts the magnet it is ideal to use.

Have I got enough space?

The size of your kitchen will of course impact the size of hob you choose. BLANCO have a range of four ring hobs and larger six ring hobs, suitable for a range of requirements. It is also important to consider the depth of the hob as it needs to be installed into your work surface. All BLANCO hobs fit into a standard size work surface.


What functionality do I require from my hob?

Another main consideration when selecting the right hob for you is the functionality you require. The most important question to ask yourself is whether you are looking for a mains fitted or plug-in hob. Hobs with a dual zone feature will allow you to operate an 'inner zone' within the main ring, allowing you to save energy when cooking with smaller pans. Child safety locks can stop inquisitive children from operating the hob by accident. Some hobs have timers, power boost settings, automatic shut off features and more. Browse our full range of hobs , or download our brochure for more information.

Cleaning a hob - hygienic

All BLANCO hobs are engineered with minimum joins and seams meaning fewer areas for grease to build up, making them easy to clean and hygienic. The flat, non-porous surface can be cleaned with a simple wipe.

Stylish and functional hob designs

BLANCO hobs are designed and built with the well-established BLANCO quality in mind. With timeless designs and high quality materials, our kitchen hobs add style and performance to any home.