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Blancoair kitchen extractor hoods and fans

Designer extractor hoods and fans in glass and stainless steel by BLANCO

Creative cooking is an activity that many of us enjoy. There is little doubt that part of the enjoyment of food is the evocative smells that stimulate our senses and excite our appetite. The pleasant aromas from cooking almost always contain airborne contamination such as steam and grease. If left unchecked, these conditions can quickly build up and leave unwanted grease and dirt deposits on the walls and furniture which may eventually spoil the appearance of your kitchen.

Blancoair manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of extractor hoods . The choice includes built-in models, together with stainless steel and glass chimney hoods, which not only provide efficient extraction and air movement but also add striking visual appeal to your kitchen.

Blancoair BW1160C90
Blancoair BW1255C90

Continued investment in the very latest design and technology ensures that the Blancoair quality of build remains constant throughout the extraction hood construction process. It is this attention to detail that delivers unrivalled performance in the kitchen.

Blancoair extractor hoods feature 'replaceable', semi-professional washable aluminium grease filters.

Model selection

BLANCO offers extractor hoods for every kitchen plan.

Get an overview about our hood product range

Canopy Hoods - BW1100, BW1105, BW1120

Canopy Extractor Hoods

Integrated Hood BW1120

Integrated Extractor Hood

Wall hood BW1150, BW1160, BW1170, BW1225, BW1235, BW1245

Wall Extractor Hood

Telescopic Hood BW1196, BW1210

Telescopic Extractor Hood

Island hood BW1255

Island Extractor Hood