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What you should know about kitchen taps

Frequently asked questions about kitchen mixer taps

FAQs Kitchen Taps
Is water pressure critical when I choose my ktichen tap?

Most plumbing systems fall into two categories: Medium/Low Pressure (Gravity Supply), and Pressure systems. The most common system in over 75% of UK homes is Gravity Supply where high mains pressure fresh cold water for drinking is connected direct to the kitchen tap, with hot water supplied via a storage cylinder and cold water tank. This applies to most older properties. Nearly all new properties have Pressure systems, and they are also becoming more popular in the refurbishment market. Pressure systems provide a balanced, pressurised hot and cold water supply. All our kitchen taps will work with Pressure Systems, but not necessarily with Gravity Supply, so you must check the specification.

I notice that some taps are WRAS approved. What does this mean, and is it important?

It is an independent system which tests materials and performance against published standards. Independent testing is therefore an important consideration. Most BLANCO kitchen mixer taps are approved by both the UK and the European test houses - WRAS (the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) and DAGW (the German Association of Gas and Water).

I hear a lot about ceramic disc technology. What are the options/benefits of the systems available?

As a rule of thumb, traditional taps with compression valves are ideally suited for low pressure situations. A traditional washer valve controls the water flow, with the tap handle taking a number of revolutions to turn the water from “off” to full “on”. Single lever kitchen mixer taps are becoming very popular in the UK, and these invariably feature ceramic disc technology. They are designed for most low, medium and high pressure systems, and the 180 degree movement of the lever provides the convenience of one-handed control of the tap, allowing hot and cold mix in one movement. Cruciform quarter turn taps deliver full water flow instantly, from “off” to full “on”, with a 90 degree movement. Hard precision ceramic discs help to prevent “furring” from hard water deposits. BLANCO offers all options.

What are the benefits of a tap with a pull-out spray?

Pull-out spray kitchen mixer taps provide full flow or spray action, and the long, flexible spray arm makes it easy to rinse vegetables, fruit and other items. It also allows you to reach every part of the kitchen sink easily. You can fill tall vases which can otherwise be quite awkward to fill, and you can even fill buckets placed on the floor, to avoid heavy lifting when the bucket is full of water. (Incidentally, if you do choose a pull-out spray tap, you are safe with BLANCO because our pull-out spray models have been designed especially for the UK, and will work with most water pressures).

How do I keep my BLANCO tap looking like new?

The Blanco kitchen tap that you have just purchased has been created with craftsmanship and modern technology to give you a lifetime of beauty and service. To care for the tap, wipe with a clean, soft, damp cloth and blot dry as often as possible. Occasionally, apply a non-abrasive polish to prevent water deposits and remove build-up of household soaps, creams and sprays to all finishes.

NEVER use abrasive cleaners or pads, or chemical cleaners of any kind (including window cleaner) on any product with a protective coating or custom finish. Such cleaner will attack the protective coating and use will void the finish warranty.