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Kitchen recycling bins

The solution for easy waste separation and cleanliness

BLANCO waste systems

Combined with a practical organisation system for the base cabinet, high-end waste systems provide the perfect complement to BLANCO kitchen sinks . They help to optimise daily recurrent tasks and to clear the kitchen worktop within seconds: Empty cans, glass containers or even food waste can be cleared away in the twinkling of an eye.

Thanks to the design and flexibility of our kitchen recycling bins waste separation can also easily be done according to the local municipality standards.

Benefits of our kitchen recycling bins

kitchen recycling bins easy to clean

Easy to clean

The robust metal system cover can be pulled out completely and has a sloping edge to make it easier to clean. Waste falls easily into the bin because the edges of the frame and bin are angled slightly to the inside, and there are no gaps between the suspended bins. The edges of the two universal boxes and the horizontal box all slope to the inside and are suitable for dishwashers.

kitchen recycling bins with attractive design

Attractive design

The drawer is perfectly integrated with no visible slides and is designed to match the recycling bin waste system.

kitchen recycling bins with optional organisation drawer

Flexible storage

The optional drawer for units of 60 cm width offers flexible storage space.

kitchen recycling bins with optimum lengthwise arrangement

Easy to reach

Optimum length means that all the integrated recycling bins are easy to reach even if the unit is not completely open.

kitchen recycling bins with more comfort

Comfort in use

The optional BLANCO MOVEX foot control is designed for every front pull-out width.

How to choose the right kitchen recycling bin: five steps to the perfect waste sorting system.

Choose a well thought-out waste sorting system for your kitchen and a practical organiser drawer for the base cabinet. BLANCO offers a wide range of possibilities for nearly every cabinet size. In order to support you in the planning phase, we have compiled the five most important steps to consider when choosing the right waste system for your kitchen.

1. Define the cabinet size

Modern waste and organisation systems offer options for all kitchen cabinet sizes. So, in the first step you should search for under the counter kitchen bins that fit your cabinet size that might be 45 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, or more.

2. Note the restrictions

Once the width has been defined, the next step is to assess any structural restrictions. Is there a boiler, or is one being planned? Is there a waste fitting inside the cabinet and, if so, how much space does it take up?

3. Choose the opening mode

Now the opening mode must be decided. You can decide between:

  • pull-out front or
  • hinged door
  • automatic or
  • manual

4. Define the number of bins

The fourth step on the way to the perfect waste or waste sorting system is deciding on the number of recycling bins. Depending on the choice of kitchen recycling system, most options can be covered using one to four waste bins.

5. Choose the extras

Finally, it is worth taking a look at the extras for additional user comfort. For example, the waste bin can be integrated in the worktop, the pull-out mechanism can be fast-operated, and you can opt for a particularly functional organiser drawer.

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kitchen recycling bin
kitchen recycling bin