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How to choose the right kitchen sink

Your guide for choosing the best BLANCO sink for your kitchen.

The sink is the most important workplace in the kitchen. 60% of time spent in the kitchen is spent at the sink. After all, food preparation and washing are important tasks which should be as efficient as possible and which no kitchen appliance can do for you.

Sensible space utilisation, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning - BLANCO solutions incorporate these benefits into all our kitchen sinks – with outstanding design on top.

Here the most important criteria for choosing a kitchen sink:

Size of sink cabinet

Granite kitchen sink: BLANCO ZENAR 5 S

Standard sink cabinets come in widths of 45, 50 or 60cm and BLANCO offers a wide range of kitchen sinks for these standard sizes. But there are also numerous models for other customised solutions. You can easily tell which cabinet size will fit our sinks from the number in the sink name. For example, the product BLANCO METRA 5 S is suitable for a 50cm sink cabinet.

Sink bowl configuration

Ceramic kitchen sink: IDESSA XL 6 S

To find a new kitchen sink which is perfect for you, the following two questions have to be answered:

1. Sink with drainer or bowl?

2. Number of bowls (one, one and a half or two)?

The right decision for a sink configuration depends on the daily work at the sink. For people without a dishwasher, for example, a sink with one and a half or two bowls is recommended. If washing lots of dishes is not necessary, a sink with one bowl is sufficient. If you regularly wash up big objects like baking trays, a sink with an XL bowl is very helpful. You may also want to consider your choice of mixer tap too - extendable spray taps are ideal for easy washing up.

Sink materials

Sink materials

You can choose from three different kitchen sink materials.

Each material has different advantages in terms of cost, durability and practicality, depending on what matters to you most.

Discover more about the different sink materials and their advantages

Installation methods

Installation methods (pictured: installation from above)

BLANCO sinks come in three different installation methods. Depending on your kitchen worktop, your needs and your favourite style, you can choose between:

  • installation from above
  • sinks with an IF flat rim
  • undermount installation

Read more about the different sink installation methods

BLANCO CombiColours

BLANCO CombiColours

BLANCO's kitchen sink colour portfolio offers lots of advantages. Never before has it been so easy to emphasise the right colour accents in your kitchen. BLANCO CombiColours allows you to create great colour combinations using our SILGRANIT® PuraDur® and Ceramic sinks. Choose from complementary- tones or an exciting contrast. Choose the right combination of sink and mixer tap, together with worktop and kitchen unit colour to create an ambience that is complimentary to any home.

Click here to discover CombiColours.



The sink today is far more than just a place for washing dishes - that is why BLANCO has created fully functional kitchen sink centres. Our sinks and mixer taps come with a wide range of accessories including chopping boards, drainers, colanders and baskets as well as different bin solutions for your sink cabinet, create a perfect work splace. The sinks and accessories are designed to match each other perfectly and make your sink centre ergonomic and functional.

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