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Kitchen Sinks

Trust in German expertise in sink design and quality with BLANCO

Choose BLANCO for superior kitchen sink designs, quality and functionality

As the busiest room in the house, kitchens must be practical and function efficiently - however the space should also be comfortable to work in and stylish. The kitchen sink is often overlooked but as the hardest working fixture in any kitchen, great care should be taken to select a product that is built to last and designed to withstand year after year of use.

BLANCO offers a wide range of kitchen sinks, from handmade stainless steel bowls to Belfast-style ceramics. Our kitchen sinks are suitable for any home and to suit any budget; from excellent value everyday sinks to exclusive, tailored models, you will find a host of innovative options to enhance your kitchen.

BLANCO Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel, granite or ceramic for your kitchen sink?

A kitchen sink is not only a functional workspace but is also a complimentary fixture and design piece. Whether you choose a hygienic, easy to clean granite sink , an elegant ceramic sink or a timeless and high quality stainless steel kitchen sink , all three materials have their advantages.

BLANCO SUBLINE 400-U granite sink and kitchen tap

Composite sinks combine the major advantages of classic granite sinks and composite sinks. The material composition consists of up to 80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, and a high quality acrylic matrix. We are committed to the development of a material that masters not only aesthetics and feel, but also cleaning care and durability. BLANCO's unique SILGRANIT® PuraDur® is a state-of-the-art material with seven exclusive award winning patents.

The high share of natural granite means that the kitchen sink surface is made up of dense rock particles, making it almost as durable as natural granite sinks in terms of scratch, crack and heat resistance. Composite kitchen sinks are much easier to clean and provide better hygiene results, explained by the fine pores and closed surface structure that prevents contamination. Water is able to simply roll off without leaving any residue, making our composite kitchen sinks insensitive to limescale.

For those looking for a coloured kitchen sink to compliment the work surface, our SILGRANIT® kitchen sink range is available in nine different colours. The material is cast in a single pouring meaning that the material is coloured evenly throughout and we only use lightfast colours, produced and tested according to DIN standards. This means that the colour does not fade over time and with proper care and cleaning, will look good-as-new throughout its lifetime.

BLANCO ANDANO XL 6 IF stainless steel sink and kitchen tap

Traditional stainless steel sinks are a popular choice and offer a timeless design feature in any kitchen. They offer first class durability that keeps pace with the daily strains in any home, and are highly durable throughout their lifetime. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are heat resistant and the smooth, non-porous surface complies to the most rigorous hygiene standards. You can easily prepare food at the sink without worrying that other ingredients can be contaminated after you have rinsed it off with warm clear water.

BLANCO UK uses 18/10 stainless steel; the number indicates the percentage of chrome (18%) and nickel (10%) added. Both make the material rust-resistant and especially hard wearing. The high level of nickel ensures that our kitchen sinks are resilient and protected from corrosion.

We offer a wide range of stainless steel kitchen sinks designed to suit any home, and any budget. From machine produced sinks to hand-welded, bespoke designs, BLANCO stainless steel kitchen sinks represent high quality, expert engineering.

BLANCO TOLON XL 6 S ceramic sink and kitchen tap

Ceramic sinks are elegant, timeless and highly practical. Besides being limescale and stain resistant, ceramic is widely appreciated for creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere. Often found in Farmhouse style homes, BLANCO ceramic sinks blend happily both with traditional kitchens as well as modern designs.

Modern production methods, special manufacturing techniques and the decades of experience of our skilled craftspeople ensure that the quality of BLANCO's ceramic kitchen sinks remains consistently high. The greatest care throughout the entire production process helps to ensure maximum precision, down to the smallest detail.

Ceramic PuraPlus makes sure that ceramic sinks stay looking new for longer. The special PuraPlus seal, applied to every ceramic sink we produce, ensures a smooth surface. The water-repellent surface prevents limescale deposits from settling and reduces staining.

BLANCO ceramic kitchen sinks come in a variety of colours and you can also choose whether you prefer a glazed or matte surface.

Drop-in sink installation

The most conventional installation technique is the so called 'drop-in', otherwise known as 'inset', kitchen sink installation.The sink centre is simply inserted from above into a cut-out in your worktop. This installation method offers the greatest kitchen sink product range, from design to the choice of material. Opting for a drop-in or inset kitchen sink means you can choose from a vast range of kitchen sinks to give your workspace a bold or elegant look.

For those that aspire to incorporate an elegant flush mount sink but do not want to budget for an exclusive granite worktop, BLANCO offers a similar alternative; our award-winning IF flat edge technology . Sitting almost completely flush with the worktop at a depth of just 1mm, our flat edge IF kitchen sinks combine a virtually flush-fit look that is modern and suitable for any worktop.

Kitchen sinks and taps
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen sink detail
Sink detail

Kitchen sink design that respects perfect harmony and ergonomics to kitchen design

BLANCO ZENAR XL 6 SteamerPlus granite kitchen sink

Did you know that 60% of the time you spend in the kitchen is at the sink? The kitchen sink is the most important workplace in the kitchen; food preparation, washing and cutting and other important tasks requires the perfect balance of function and aesthetics. Our kitchen sinks incorporate the benefits of sensible space utilisation, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning.

How to match the right sink to your kitchen

As a leading kitchen sink manufacturer, BLANCO offers high quality sinks designed to integrate perfectly with any kitchen design. As specialists in kitchen sinks and kitchen taps we have unrivalled knowledge and expertise as well as a stunning product portfolio to suit your needs. Our expert teams are here to support you in the right choice of kitchen sink; choosing the right installation method , how to create tasteful combinations of kitchen sink, taps and worktop with our interactive design tools colour assistant and model assistant .

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount kitchen Sinks

Designer kitchen sink

Designer kitchen sinks

Sink with topmount installation

Sink with topmount installation

BLANCO Stainless steel IF rim

BLANCO Stainless steel IF rim