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The perfect blend of contemporary and traditional

Blanco Belfast sink

Why a Belfast sink?

Belfast sinks are big, bold and beautiful deep ceramic sinks that are also known as Butler sinks and commonly used in Farmhouse style kitchens or utility rooms.

The Farmhouse style kitchen has been a popular trend in kitchen design and continues to be more and more popular. A recent trend is blending the traditional look and feel of a farmhouse kitchen with a modern twist by incorporating modern appliances such as induction hobs for practicality.

The BLANCO Belfast sink with its integrated overflow and extremely deep bowl depth, of 235mm, is perfect for your largest pots and pans.

The high quality ceramic material, with a non-porous glaze, offers an extremely durable surface that is shock-resistant. This material can also be referred to as Fireclay which will also withstand heavy use over time, and will resist scratching and staining. And since the Belfast sink material will not rust, fade or discolour it will be a statement piece in your kitchen for many years to come.

The traditional look and feel of the Belfast sink marries up perfectly with one of our more traditional looking kitchen taps such as the Bella or the Livia or for a real style statement why not be bold and add one of our contemporary kitchen taps?

The Butler or Belfast sink is easy and practical to install as it is universally handed and sits on the worktop and the dimensions are 600mm by 460mm with a bowl depth of 235mm.

Key characteristics

  • Deep and practical bowl for your largest pots and pans
  • High quality ceramic material
  • Perfect for creating a modern country style kitchen


Sinks made of BLANCO Ceramic have important qualities including

  • easy to care for
  • stain and acid resistant
  • colour safe
  • completely heat resistant
  • hygienic and suitable for food preparation
Scratch resistant
Scratch resistant
Heat resistant
Heat resistant
Ceramic acid resistant
Acid Resistant
Belfast sink

The History of the Belfast sink

The Belfast sink is derived from a Butler sink and is also known as a Butler Belfast sink. These sinks got their name as they were used by Butlers in their pantries for preparing food and washing up after the nobles had finished. Belfast sinks are named this way because they were made for and used initially in Belfast. Sanitation officers in the 17th century who had the responsibility of controlling water consumption, made them big enough to wash a small child in and gave the sinks an overflow to allow water to flow out so that the sink did not overflow at the brim. Water was not an issue in Belfast so these sinks did not really have a size restriction.

With today’s modern fitted kitchens and solid worktops including wood and granite they now fit in beautifully with any classic kitchen designs. The beauty of a Belfast sink is that they are stain resistant, easy to clean, long lasting and of course can accommodate big bowls and oven trays.