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Kitchen Taps

What really matters when it comes to choosing the right kitchen tap for you


The kitchen tap is an integral fitting in any home

pull out kitchen taps

Kitchen taps are not only a central feature, but must work hard too

They are used an average of 75 times a day for a variety of duties - from washing up and food preparation, to filling the kettle and making drinks. It is vital that you take time to choose the correct kitchen mixer tap for you.

Ever since BLANCO was founded by Heinrich BLANC in 1925, our aim has always been the same: to be the best. Our design speaks for itself and our commitment to quality and engineering excellence is reinforced by testing to the most exacting quality standards. BLANCO kitchen taps combine sleek design elements with legendary German engineering to deliver the very best in quality kitchen fittings.

Kitchen tap & stainless steel kitchen sink
semi-professional kitchen tap & kitchen sink

The key points when selecting a kitchen tap

Learn about the most relevant points to help make the correct choice of tap for you from technical facts, quality features, finishes and design.

1. The look and style of your kitchen

The look and style of your kitchen is your first consideration when searching for kitchen taps. It is often the details that define the look. We all have a distinct look and feel in mind when planning our kitchen whether it is contemporary, traditional or a classic look you are after. The design does not need to stop at the kitchen cabinets, your kitchen furniture choices will also have an impact on the style you would like to achieve – such as the choice of your kitchen sink or kitchen tap.

The classic kitchen

The classic kitchen is timeless, tasteful and functional. Choosing neutral colours and accessories with classic style of tap such as the FELISA and the CLEO .

Kitchen tap & kitchen sinks
classic kitchen tap BLANCO FELISA & kitchen sink

The contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are modern but also have elements that make it stand out with the use of cutting edge design and new trends such as different materials and technology. Adding a striking kitchen mixer tap such as the CULINA-S with its stunning curves or the CUBIC MONO blending curves with strong edges immediately creates a focal point.

Kitchen taps & kitchen sinks for contemporary kitchen style
contemporary kitchen tap LIVIA-S over a stainless steel kitchen sink

The traditional kitchen

The traditional kitchen design is warm and classic, generally with natural materials and injections of unique style. Ceramic kitchen sinks are often used in the traditional farmhouse kitchen with a Belfast sink added as a style statement. The LIVIA-S kitchen tap or the BELLA kitchen tap perfectly complements this look but also adds that touch of class.

Traditional kitchen taps for traditional kitchen style
Traditional kitchen tap BLANCO LIVIA-S with granite kitchen sink

From traditional to modernistic, the BLANCO kitchen taps range has a design for every taste. Whatever your style, our multi award-winning designs all combine perfectly proportioned edges, curves and radii with clear lines and gently tapering contours.

BLANCO CARENA-S Vario tap with ceramic kitchen sink

reddot award 2015

BLANCO VONDA kitchen tap with stainless steel sink

reddot design award 2012

BLANCO CULINA-S DUO kitchen tap with stainless steel kitchen sink

iF product design award 2012


reddot design award 2012

2. Technical prerequisites: Low water pressure

From a functional point of view the most important point to figure out is the pressure of your hot water system. In our product range we offer kitchen taps that can either operate with low and high water pressure systems as well as with both. To ensure satisfying supply of water check which water pressure system you have, otherwise you risk an extremely weak flow rate of hot water.

Stainless steell kitchen sink with kitchen mixer tap

3. Think about quality from inside out

The water supply from our kitchen tap is used for making drinks, ice cubes, preparing food and washing dishes.The quality of this so called drinking water is strictly monitored to ensure safe water supply. But this does not guarantee safe water on your end. To be sure that you have the best drinking water quality you can expect, you should not only place emphasis on style elements, but on the quality of material that is used during the manufacturing process. There are 3 kitchen tap elements that effect the hygiene and with it the quality of your drinking water:

  • Jet regulator: The Quality of plastics used, determine how easily you can descale and clean the spray
  • Non-return valve: Additional non-return valves prevent dirty water from getting into your drinking water supply - for example if your spray is left lying in the washing-up water
  • Connection pipe: Make sure that only tested materials are used to ensure no hazardous materials such as plasticizers and or heavy metals can get into your water supply

Untested mixer taps can significantly exceed the maximum permissible value for substances which endanger health. BLANCO mixer taps undergo the most stringent quality checks and our quality standards are subject to continuous monitoring, both mandatory and voluntary. When you buy BLANCO kitchen taps, you can rest assure that you are getting the best in quality, safety and hygiene standards.

Pure, clean water with kitchen water filter taps

4. Kitchen tap features

Water filter taps

WIth today's emphasis on healthy lifestyles, demand for fresh filtered water is increasing. The BLANCO water filter taps combine both the standard supply and fresh filtered water in one tap. The under-sink filter cartridge of our filtered water taps acts against potentially undesirable elements to supply top quality drinking water on demand. As well as removing sediment and dirt, the filtered water taps are effective against a wide range of contaminants including chemicals, toxins and heavy metals without removing essential minerals.

If top quality drinking water is your priority, the filter taps in our BLANCO FILTRA flow range will deliver both hot and cold filtered water free of impurities including heavy metals. No need to buy expensive bottled water when you can get 100% fresh pleasant-tasting and filtered water straight from the kitchen tap. If you are interested, then take a look at our water filter taps range.

water filter taps
filtered water

Single lever kitchen taps

The single-lever kitchen mixer tap is becoming increasingly popular. Both the temperature and flow of the water can be regulated with just one hand; a crucial advantage compared to traditional, twin-handle kitchen taps.

Pull-out kitchen taps

A pull-out spray increases the working radius considerably compared to kitchen taps with a cylindrical spout. Your cooking equipment does not have to be in the sink for you to fill them, you can rinse dirt away from the bowl or clean the sink drainer. Many sprays can be switched from a normal jet to a spray jet especially relevant when cleaning vegetables.

5. Choose your preferred finish

To ensure the matching between your kitchen tap and the entire kitchen in style and colour, BLANCO also offers a variety of its taps in a range of colours making it easy to match the colour of your sink with your tap or choose a contrasting colour to make a style statement.

For those who prefer a metallic look, we offer our taps in up to two different finishes: stainless steel, and chrome finish. Whereas for all colour-lovers we provide a range of coloured kitchen taps that perfectly match composite and ceramic kitchen sinks. To give you an idea of our range of finishes go to the kitchen taps and sinks model assistant that supports you to fit the different styles of taps and sinks.

All finishes are extremely hard-wearing and stain- and scratch-resistant. You can be sure that your BLANCO kitchen mixer taps will retain their beauty and give excellent service for many years.

kitchen tap and sink model assistant: metallic finish
kitchen tap and sink model assistant: coloured finish