Strainers, Colanders & Drain Covers

Prepping and cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

BLANCO Mesh Basket on PERFORMA Cascade sink

Mesh and Stainless Steel Baskets

Stainless steel baskets are the ultimate dish washing companion. Designed to fit right inside your sink bowl for space-saving drying convenience. Mesh baskets are multi-functional and can be used for both drying dishes and rinsing fruits & veggies.

All of our baskets are constructed of quality stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

BLANCO - Drain Strainers - Quality Stainless Steel

Kitchen Sink Colanders

Colanders hang and slide along an inner ledge inside your sink. Colanders are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe. Several of our sinks have been designed with an inner accessory ledge:

  • QUATRUS ERGON farmhouse
  • CERANA farmhouse
BLANCO Capflow - Sink Drain Cover


BLANCO’s CapFlow strainer cover is an elegant way to hide unsightly food particles in your sink strainer. Our CapFlows have a diameter of 4 ½” to seamlessly fit standard 3 ½” strainers. The CapFlow features a flat surface which reduces splashing in the sink and raised feet allowing water to flow freely towards the drain.

CapFlow = #517666

BLANCO Decorative Basket Strainers

Color-Matched Drains

Missing the finishing touch? BLANCO decorative kitchen sink basket strainers and waste flanges perfectly complement any of our stainless steel and SILGRANIT sinks. These drain additions fit the universal 3.5" drain opening. BLANCO color-matched drains can be paired with our SILGRANIT sinks for a cohesive color statement, or use classic chrome or stainless steel for a contrasting look to any SILGRANIT sink.

Concrete Gray SILGRANIT

Concrete Gray

Basket Strainer = #442758, Waste Flange = #442759



Basket Strainer = #441481, Waste Flange = #441482

Anthractie SILGRANIT colour


Basket Strainer = #441090, Waste Flange = #441095

Metallic Gray SILGRANIT colour

Metallic Gray

Basket Strainer = #442228, Waste Flange = #442229

Truffle SILGRANIT colour


Basket Strainer = #441322, Waste Flange = #441324

Cafe SILGRANIT colour

Café Brown

Basket Strainer = #441094, Waste Flange = #441099

Biscuit SILGRANIT colour


Basket Strainer = #441092, Waste Flange = #441097

White SILGRANIT colour


Basket Strainer = #441091, Waste Flange = #441096

Stainless Drain Basket


Basket Strainer = #441093, Waste Flange = #441098