Bar Sinks

Small sinks. Big advantages.

BLANCO RONDO in SILGRANIT Cinder - Bar and Preparation Sink
BLANCO RONDO - Bar and Preparation sink in Stainless Steel
QUATRUS R15 Bar Stainless Steel Sink
Stylish choices for small spaces.

BLANCO offers an impressive lineup of bar and preparation sinks. Square, rectangle or round shapes in different colours and materials will add that touch of style you have been looking for. These sinks are not only beautiful, but they are also packed with functional features designed to make your life easier. Installing a secondary sink provides convenient access to and from appliances, let’s you easily cook in groups, and makes entertaining guests more fun!

BLANCO bar sinks can be matched with a variety of BLANCO bar faucets offered in popular finishes such as chrome, stainless, and SILGRANIT color-coordinated.

Diamond Mini Silgranit Bar and Preparation Sink with Artona Kitchen Faucet
SILGRANIT bar sinks

A pop of color could be the perfect finishing touch for your new bar sink station. SILGRANIT bar sinks come in some of our favorite SILGRANIT colors, in 3 attractive styles. Enjoy the strength, durability and beauty unique to our SILGRANIT sink material.

Formera U Bar - Bar and Preparation Sink with POSH kitchen faucet in stainless steel
Stainless Steel bar sinks

The choices are endless with the breadth of styles in BLANCO's stainless steel bar sink portfolio, With an assortment of 5 different models, in a variety of square, rectangle or round sizes, BLANCO has a bar or preparation sink for every household.

STEELART bar sinks

Made and engineered in Germany, single panels of premium stainless steel are transformed with precision into STEELART bar sinks. With 2 different models to choose from, you can create your perfect luxury bar experience right at home.