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BLANCO PERFORMA SILGRANIT kitchen sink in Metallic Gray
BLANCO FORMERA stainless steel kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is an integral part of your daily kitchen routine. It is the appliance you interact with the most and spend countless hours at every week. Between meal prep, washing dishes or watering plants, it is easy to forget just how important your sink is. The kitchen sink has become a selfless, loyal companion that you don’t think much about, but you can rely on, depend on and lean on, day in and day out. Therefore, it is so important to stop, take a moment, and really think about your individual lifestyle needs. Think beyond the basics of size and depth, take all the options into consideration, and optimize your sink to its full potential.

BLANCO IKON SILGRANIT Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Today’s sink technologies have so much more to offer than traditional go-to stainless steel. You're no longer limited to matching your kitchen sink with stainless steel appliances. SILGRANIT uses advanced engineering to bring you a world of color, unsurpassed durability and unique design features.


Regardless of how big or how small your kitchen is, optimizing the space inside your sink with the help of customized, functional accessories is a game changer! Ergonomic design makes life in the kitchen so much easier. At BLANCO we want you to work smarter, not harder.

QUATRUS R15 1.75 Farmhouse Stainless Steel Sink

Traditionally, we tend to default to equal double bowl sink configurations, but you have access to so many options! BLANCO offers sinks with low divides, extended drainboards, large single bowls...thinking about your daily kitchen routine and how you use your sink could steer you in a whole new direction!

BLANCO offers a wide variety of sinks to help you create the perfect kitchen that meets your style, culinary and design needs. When it comes to kitchen design, many elements need to come together in a functional and beautiful way. During the renovation process, cabinetry, countertops and appliances get the most attention, but in reality, you spend the most amount of time at your sink.

In addition to overall sink design and functional features, choosing the right sink material is an important consideration. BLANCO kitchen sinks are offered in four robust materials, including our patented granite composite, SILGRANIT. Explore the benefits of each material and discover which one is best for you.

Ikon 33 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink in SILGRANIT Concrete Gray

Our SILGRANIT sinks are proudly manufactured in North America. SILGRANIT is offered in a wealth of colors, and includes our revolutionary IKON farmhouse sink family. With hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, SILGRANIT sinks are the perfect combination of function, design and imagination.

BLANCO Quatrus R15 Ergon Super Single Apron Stainless Steel sink

Built with superior steel, convenient features and German engineering, BLANCO offers a wide range of stainless steel sink styles. With over 90 years’ of experience, we offer the ultimate in stainless steel quality and craftsmanship. BLANCO stainless steel sinks are timeless, and integrate beautifully in any kitchen.

PROFINA farmhouse kitchen sink made with durable fireclay

Our fireclay farmhouse sink collection tells a unique story. BLANCO ceramic kitchen sinks feature classic designs with modern features and flexible style options. BLANCO fireclay sinks are stronger than porcelain and standard ceramic. Manufactured with a smooth, glossy surface that resists heat and stains, makes them not only beautiful but also durable.

Precision Durinox Kitchen Sinks

STEELART kitchen sinks by BLANCO are the ultimate expression of art and technology. Each and every product in our STEELART portfolio is the direct, conscious result of blending artisanal techniques, advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology. DURINOX, our latest surface innovation, has a velvety-matte finish and is highly resistant to scratches.

Discover DURINOX

BLANCO recognizes the sink space as an important part of the kitchen’s “working triangle”, formed by the sink, stove and refrigerator. The sink area of your kitchen is critical - it's your source of water. Without it, your kitchen will not be able to function. However, people often forget about the importance of making a carefully thought-out sink choice, regardless of the fact that most people commit to a sink for at least 10 years! A beautiful, functional, high-quality kitchen sink and faucet, designed to meet your needs, has a surprising impact on your level of enjoyment in the kitchen.

BLANCO IKON Farmhouse Sink

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IKON 33 1.75 SILGRANIT Kitchen Farmhouse Sink

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