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Inset jet regulator LAMINAR HP HoneycombTT NE, High Pressure
Article Number 121233
Please order seal 121234!
fit for the following BLANCO models:
Actis-S HP, Ajaris HP, Catris-S HP,Culina-S Mini 1.5, Filo HP, Filo-A HP, Finess HP, Finess-A HP, Fontas HP, Fontas-A HP, Jil HP, Kanto HP, Karia-WT, Lanora HP, Lanora-F HP,Lanora-S HP Lanora-S-F HP, Linee HP, Linee-S HP, Lucan-WT, Nava HP, Quatura HP ab Rev. 02

121234 06/2014 Seal for jet regulator TT 11.0 x 15.0 x 1.5