SOLENTA - A dual spray for ultimate convenience
SOLENTA - A dual spray for ultimate convenience
SOLENTA - A dual spray for ultimate convenience


A dual spray for ultimate convenience

Introduce semi-professional design and remarkable ease of use to your kitchen with BLANCO SOLENTA-S. The sink is also available with the lever on the left-hand side, so the mixer tap fits perfectly with your bowl configuration and allows you to reach into every corner effortlessly. One option is the chrome mixer tap in stainless finish UltraResist. This model is particularly easy to clean and resistant. The Senso model of BLANCO SOLENTA-S with sensor-controlled start-stop function is both practical and on-trend. Make the most of the touchless control. The proximity sensor on the spray arm turns with the kitchen mixer tap, thus reliably preventing it from being triggered unnecessarily. Other highlights include the hose sheathed in segmented metal and the option of switching from a bead jet to the spray mode.
semi-profi mixer taps

semi-professional mixer tap

Semi-professional mixer taps provide striking and multi-award-winning design, while also introducing equipment fit for a professional kitchen, with an extended range of functions, to your modern home. Clever details, such as the flexible hose, a perfect, flexible arc with its stainless steel spring, guarantees a pleasant cooking experience. Preparing food, washing up and even cleaning the sink are easier than ever before thanks to the optimum flexibility and free movement of the detachable hose. A semi-professional mixer tap allows you to reach right into every corner. Residue like sand and soil washed off fresh vegetables can be washed away without any problem. Even very dirty baking tins and large pots are a breeze to clean with a flexible hose. 


Touchless water

Spare yourself lots of extra work by getting the water to flow without having to touch anything, thanks to the SOLENTA-S.
Senso with its innovative start-stop user interface. Find out why the contactless function can make daily life easier in the kitchen.

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What will your SOLENTA look like?

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