Modern country-house kitchen

A tradition of cosiness

Kitchen in the modern country-house style

The perfect way to end a day: coming back home after a long day of work and unwinding in your own home. A cosy kitchen allows you to strip away any stress and leave everyday cares behind. Here you will find tips and information on how to transform your modern country-house kitchen into a place where the whole family feels at home.

In the footsteps of your forbears

The country-house style is a cosy kind of décor that simply exudes warmth and safety. It awakens nostalgic memories of times long gone by. With its bench and the old wooden table, Grandma’s kitchen was the centre of the home, with Grandpa’s big wingback chair at its very heart. It originated from the style of living in old country houses where well-heeled families would retreat for the summer season. Everyone soon settled in, intent on having a wonderful time together. If you’re keen on bringing the modern country-house style home with you, then you have a wide choice of design options. After all, country-house style doesn’t come in only one variety. In hot Spain, for instance, people spend the summer differently than in cooler England. This means that the country-house style can be adapted to a wide array of tastes.

Variations on the country-house style

Not everyone is a fan of the classic country-house style. Bulky rustic furniture often won’t fit in small apartments, for instance. That’s why city-dwellers tend to opt for the modern country-house style instead. The pared-back modern country style combines traditional country-house details with industrial design. Clean shapes set the tone, but are broken up with details like snuggly pelts, dainty side tables and modern porcelain. This style of furnishing also comes close to the Scandinavian lifestyle that is centred around hygge (‘cosiness’ in Danish). The Scandinavian country-house style is based on especially calm colours: white furniture and accessories give each space a calm aura that invites you to relax. Lots of cushions, blankets, lamps and warm wood tones enhance the ‘hyggelige’ atmosphere.

The Mediterranean country-house style, which uses strong colours, is a wholly different affair. It is defined by sunny yellow walls, often contrasting with dark wooden furniture. The deep blue of the sea, shades of turquoise in the accessories and materials like leather and cast iron all complete the picture. The British country-house style is about going back to basics. Dark wood tones also dominate here, combined with rich colours on the walls and striped accessories.


  • Use natural fabrics and materials
  • Contrast wooden furniture with accessories in pastel shades and striped patterns
  • Choose easy, comfortable furniture
  • Opt for furniture with its own quirks and signs of wear


  • Avoid furniture with chrome-plated metal
  • Don’t apply strictly minimalistic design to your living spaces
  • Avoid furniture with lots of corners and edges
  • Use as few gaudy, unnatural colours as possible
  • Dispense with multifunctional furniture – selected individual pieces embody country-house charm

Back to nature: country-house style is defined by sustainable materials

Natural materials are the common factor among all country-house styles. The country-house style could be described as a ‘back to nature’ approach, the wood is the dominant material in this look. Gorgeous wooden parquet exudes warmth, wooden cabinets radiate rustic charm and a large dining table serves as a place for the whole family to gather.

The accessories should also work with the warm feel of the furniture. Lots of floral-patterned, brightly colour cushions on the couch invite you to relax. The glow of candles in candlesticks bathes your living space in warm light of an evening. The country-house style is defined by soft forms and a natural look. In all of the rooms it is clear that the inhabitants have lovingly selected every detail and prize a welcoming home.

Rustic meets modern: country-house kitchen come in lots of different designs.

What makes a modern country-house kitchen

It is interesting to see country-house style applied to the more functional rooms of the home, of which the kitchen is one. Today it is again seen as the focal point of family life. An eat-in kitchen may well be where everyone meets to eat dinner around the table or cook together at the weekend. The modern country-house style meets your need for cosiness and a pleasant atmosphere. If you want to transform your kitchen into a feel-good place with a touch of nostalgic style, then you should home in on natural materials. Other materials are used alongside wood to give your kitchen interior that certain something. Brick walls break up the uniform surfaces of the furniture, while luxuriant linen or cotton curtains transform the kitchen into a cosy spot.

Placing the cutting board over the bowl transforms the sink into a worktop.

Country house-style sinks: the farmhouse-style sink makes a comeback

Modern country house-style kitchens are completed by sinks made of stainless steel and natural materials. Granite sinks made of Silgranit and BLANCO ceramic sinks come in matte colours, for instance, which work perfectly with the overall look of a modern country-house kitchen. They are reminiscent of classic ceramic farmhouse-style sinks that were one of the classic features of country-house kitchens in your grandparents’ times. Today, modern sinks like the PANOR draw upon this tried and tested design. The ceramic sink comes in lots of warm colours that blend into the cosy ambiance of a country-house kitchen. However, modern country-house sinks lose nothing in terms of convenience. They have particularly large bowls, providing plenty of space for cleaning. The sink also gives you the option of placing a cutting board on top, providing additional worktop space.

To ensure that the details of the kitchen design are consistent, the accessories are also colour-coordinated. This includes the mixer tap. To fit in with the country-house look, this shouldn’t be too angular or dazzling. In warm colours like ceramic white or alu grey, the mixer tap blends in with the natural colours of the country-house kitchen.

An overview: How to design your country-house kitchen

  • Choose kitchen furnishings made of natural materials that exude warmth.
  • Contrast the furniture with special details like a bare brick wall, a cast-iron oven or natural stone elements.
  • Create targeted pops of colour: wooden chairs with pastel-coloured seats, subtly striped tea towels or linen or cotton curtains.
  • Design your sink as the focal point of your country-house kitchen: models that look like farmhouse-style sink provide a charming vintage look.
  • Opt for a mixer tap in matte colours that works seamlessly with the look of your country-house kitchen, or create accents with a nostalgically shaped bronze mixer tap.
  • Don’t hide away accessories like beautiful glasses, kitchen scales, fruit bowls or floral-painted crockery, but put them on display in cabinets with glass doors.

Modern country-house kitchen vs. minimalism

A highly modern version has developed alongside the classic country-house style over recent years, this time making use of minimalist details. This modern country style is defined by a certain tendency towards straight lines and a restrained choice of colours. It’s up to you to find the right balance of classic approach and minimalism for your own country house-style kitchen design.

Find out here about the basic principles and contrasts between country house kitchens and minimalism, and establish the perfect blend for your kitchen:

Materials: Plain or stripes

Minimalism: Couches, cushions and curtains are predominantly made of natural materials. Restrained block colours dominate. You should use and keep on combining furniture and accessories for as long as possible.

Country-house style: Here you also use natural materials like cotton and linen, but in this case patterns are also an option. The classical country-house style is familiar with benches with a floral patterned seat.

One of the key differences is that the modern country-house kitchen does not hide away any kitchen appliances, crockery or aids, but rather arranges them neatly on sideboards or kitchen shelves.