Spotless with BLANCO

Neat and clean

Neat and clean thanks to BLANCO

Have your kids been using your bowl as a lab for their experiments? Has the big one invited her friends over again on the spur of the moment for a cake baking session – complete with sugar pearls everywhere? At least now you can rest assured that your kitchen will be able to withstand the burdens of family life, whether they’re expected or not. Everything has its place, is cleverly organised and easy to clean.

Fight kitchen chaos

Time is precious. And scarce. To ensure that maintaining a well-functioning household doesn’t take up too much of your time, at BLANCO we rely on materials and products that are easy to care for and robust.

Like the Silgranit sink, which doesn't require polishing every day to look clean. It is practical, too, serving as an additional worktop if your family decides to use the rest of your kitchen as their creation station again.

If you’re planning a new kitchen, spare yourself hassle and opt for concepts that will help you to maintain order and save you time and stress.

An all-round talent based on an axis principle

Often, we accept inefficiency in our working and we end up with more kitchen utensils than we have space for. The AXial concept comes into play here and makes the problem practically disappear.

A sink as versatile, clever and well organised as you are. The AXial concept will make you the family’s superhero. This sink is a classic, which is one of the reasons it is available in all three materials – Stainless steel, Ceramic and Silgranit.

You use the whole axis of the sink for working, combining the sink with matching accessories. A sliding cutting board gives you a valuable worktop that would not otherwise be available. The sink itself becomes a cutting surface. Now you can simply place a pot in the sink and slide the vegetables into it. Add water, and it can go straight onto the cooker.

The AXial concept: working down the whole line

Ingeniously multifunctional! The stainless steel colander for the main and secondary bowls is a real all-rounder and can help you when it comes to decluttering the kitchen cupboard. It saves you at least one sieve and a storage box. It works as a collecting tray for vegetable parings, a receptacle for draining spaghetti and a place to rinse fruit and vegetables.

The sink handles more than just the washing up for you – it is at the beginning, middle and, of course, the end of the series of tasks.

For design-lovers

This is how elegant a lustrous stainless steel bowl can look: for demanding aesthetes who are chronically pressed for time, a Silgranit granite sink makes an authentic alternative. Easy to clean, it helps stressed mums and dads to breathe easy. And it’s not only suited to hectic family life. If you have children, you’ll appreciate robust, long-lasting everyday products. After all, you often have to wait until adolescence for children to learn to treat things thoughtfully and carefully. Have you been longing for the elegant mixer tap of your dreams? We prefer to use a material that will withstand even the wildest childhood moments thanks to its robustness and scratch resistance.

Beautiful and practical: modern shapes for Silgranit sinks

Breathe easily with Silgranit

Hard, harder, Silgranit. That’s both the slogan and commitment for granite bowls made of Silgranit. The material was developed for customers who are regularly faced with unforeseeable situations in their day-to-day that require a lot from their products. And Silgranit sinks and bowls really do their bit, an advantage not to be underestimated when looking after children who like to experiment.

Striking and steadfast. The PANERA-S

Stainless steel mixer taps – a love for life

Lots of mixer taps look great at first glance. But this is a love that lasts. Solid stainless steel can put up with a lot. We give you the choice of aiming high with the CANDOR-S, opting for a striking look with the PANERA-S or going for classic, clean lines with the LANORA-S. Live your own style. Do it today.

Looking for Mr Clean.

Flexible, easy-care and environmentally friendly

It looks like a lonely hearts ad, but here we’re talking about the perfect waste bin. In many kitchens it is seen as the poor cousin and often hidden away.

Treating waste in an environmentally friendly way is vital. Of course, this involves avoiding waste altogether, but also separating rubbish in the correct way. The right solutions make setting a good example for your children a breeze.

More responsible and conscious handling of household waste

These well-thought-out solutions are easy to integrate into any kitchen, remedy any waste sorting issues and offer lots of possible options. Would you prefer a touch-free solutions because you never seem to have enough hands? Then drawer systems are the right thing for you. Have you ever heard of UKCBs? UKCB stands for ‘under kitchen counter bin’. This allows you to wipe any waste food directly from the worktop and into the bin. How about that for a clean solution?

Another plus is that the clever cabinet organisation also provides a fixed space for dishwashing brushes, dishwasher tablets and unsightly sponges. This makes tidying up easier and gets the kitchen looking nice and neat in no time.

Clean waste separation in a flash

Rinse with us

As you can see, there’s no need to give up your sense of taste in the daily fight against grime and chaos. BLANCO offers products that are both carefully designed and exquisitely beautiful.

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