BLANCO Colour Palette

Personalize Your Kitchen Water Place


Whether it’s warm, neutral hues or bold, modern accents, the colour used in your kitchen can make a significant difference to the mood or style you’re trying to create. However, updating the colour of your kitchen doesn’t have to mean a whole new kitchen refit. On the contrary, just one or two changes that add some new colour to your kitchen can bring it right up-to-date, making it a place you're proud to show off to your guests and where you'll seek to spend more time with your family.



Dive into the realm of refined elegance with Satin Dark Steel, a sophisticated metallic grey tone that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of darker-toned kitchens with its opulent satin finish. With its versatile appeal, Satin Dark Steel seamlessly complements a vast array of colors and materials, elevating the aesthetic of any home with a touch of understated luxury.

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Satin Gold: Level up with your Kitchen

Indulge in the subtle opulence of Satin Gold. Experience the trendsetting allure of gold mixer taps, seamlessly integrating sophistication into your kitchen's design. Elevate your space with mixer taps and accessories adorned in Satin Gold, radiating a warm, inviting ambiance. Whether your kitchen embodies modern, Scandinavian, or country-house charm, Satin Gold accents add a touch of luxury to every style. Paired with the timeless Silgranit white, BLANCO water places achieve an enduring elegance infused with a hint of golden extravagance.

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Colourful Fittings for Your BLANCO UNIT

Elevate your kitchen's style with coloured fittings that add a personal touch. Selecting the perfect colour for your mixer tap and seamlessly integrating it into your kitchen design enhances the distinctiveness of your space, all while complementing your BLANCO UNIT.

Coordinate waste fittings to match your kitchen tap, creating a harmonious interplay of colours and surfaces.Available in Satin Gold, Satin Dark Steel, and black, these fittings offer versatility and elegance to suit any kitchen aesthetic.

With the BLANCO UNIT, experience a seamless solution that supports your daily water-related chores by combining mixer tap, sink, and waste systems. From food preparation to hydration, the BLANCO UNIT is the heart of your kitchen, providing indispensable functionality with a touch of personal style.

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