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BLANCO kitchen mixer taps make food preparation quick and easy
Displaying and looking after flowers – a breeze with a BLANCO kitchen mixer tap
Making tea is even easier with BLANCO kitchen mixer taps

All sorts of things happen in your kitchen every day. Whether you’re dealing with a pet, looking after a baby or throwing a big party with your friends, this is where it’s at. Everything revolves around your family. Here’s where you feed and look after them.

If your stomach starts rumbling, your neighbour pops over unexpectedly for coffee or you need a glass of cold water to offer to a workman, there’s no one place in your home where people come together quite like this.

And that's reason enough to choose a kitchen mixer tap with care. This is a decision that could cause you either delight or irritation every time you enter the kitchen. Your mixer tap provides you with the most important foodstuff of all – drinking water.

How should you go about selecting the right kitchen mixer tap? Take a look at our range of mixer taps.

Practical pull-out spray

Why is your choice of kitchen mixer tap important?

Imagine getting a fresh, crisp head of lettuce at the farmers market and then bringing it home only to discover that it’s full of grit. This is where your pull-out spray comes into play. The sand is soon trickling down the drain of your sink. A good single-lever kitchen mixer tap with a pull-out spray can be positioned as you require and, when combined with your bowl, forms a workspace within your kitchen that offers maximum flexibility. After all, there’s a lot going on here: Washing up. Preparing food. And often enough, it’s even used for children’s experiments.

Colour-matching the sink and mixer tap

Do you have an exact idea of how you want your new tap to be?

BLANCO kitchen mixer taps allow you to choose from a wide variety of different shapes, functions and controls, all tailored to your kitchen design and personal taste. You might be looking for a single-lever or a twin-lever mixer tap. A chrome or stainless steel version. Or something that matches the colour of your Silgranit sink. Does your kitchen have a low-pressure or high-pressure connection? Our large range of kitchen mixer taps leaves the choice up to you. But we can promise one thing when it comes to all of our mixer taps. We have thought about it all very carefully.

Why opt for a mixer tap from BLANCO?

Unique mixer tap design

We strive for excellence, particularly when it comes to matters of taste. Together with the perfect colour match between mixer tap and sink, we also expect meticulous design, down to the very last detail.

Suitable for every situation

Suitable for every situation

The control elements such as the mixer tap lever or the outflow pop-up button should fit into the kitchen look. As such, features like the pop-up button for opening and closing the sink outflow have been designed to match the mixer tap.

Flawless design

High-quality down to the last detail

Our design standards extend to the finest detail, such as ensuring that a high-quality stainless steel mixer tap is brilliantly glossy from head to toe. The control levers themselves are perfectly brushed to match the evenly fine surface of the body of the mixer tap.

Perfection in material and design: PANERA
A straight-lined design for minimalistic interiors
The perfect match: BLANCO kitchen mixer taps and country-house style

Quality is important to us

Be on the safe side. Ensuring that you can enjoy top-quality drinking water is worth the extra effort at our end. As such, we conduct testing beyond the normal standard and strive to do that bit more than others. Our voluntary certifications and careful choice of raw materials attest to a particularly high standard of quality. By doing this, we are looking to guarantee the safety of our high-quality materials.

Our precise workmanship and quality guarantees you fresh gushing water day after day.

Everything fits together exactly

The water flows into the sink in a clear, sparkling stream. It’s a reassuring feeling. Precision processing of all of the parts is important to us in order to give you this sense of certainty. After all, you use your mixer tap up to 70 times a day. As a result, it needs to be hard-wearing over the long- term. We make sure that every screw is perfectly in place.

Continuous production checks ensure consistently high quality

Our products are constantly put to the test

Producing first-class mixer taps requires first-class production facilities and continuous checks. Tools, production units, processes, products – our quality managers are always testing everything. This means that you can enjoy your kitchen tap to the full for many years to come.

BLANCO has specialised in water in kitchens since 1925

Always at the forefront

BLANCO is specialized on sinks and taps for domestic kitchens. We have been doing this since 1925. The cavemen brought fire into their caves quite early on. Water only came later. And we have played a big part in ensuring that many apartments and houses are supplied with hygienically excellent water. After all, we have been the market leader in kitchen mixer taps and sinks in Germany for many years.

Service for kitchen mixer taps

Something you can count on. Our mixer taps won’t leave you in the lurch. Simply contact us with any questions, suggestions or, later down the line, if you need a replacement part. We listen carefully, as our reliable service is an essential part of your kitchen mixer tap.

What happens if a little sealing ring in your mixer tap needs to be replaced after 7 years? We are at your service. Our large selection of replacement parts are available for at least 10 years. We’ll send our customer service technicians to your home without further ado.

small undermount sink

Big even when small

You’re washing some salad leaves and put them in a sieve to drain. The only question is where? You need the chopping board for dicing cucumber and tomatoes. Small kitchens often present an organisational challenge. Put a floating grid in your undermount sink. You can drain your salad leaves, while also washing your tomatoes. And thanks to the multifunctional colanders a small undermount bowl actually proves to be quite big enough.