Flushmount sinks:

For those who love easy-care modern design

Man and woman at a flushmount-installed sink

It gleams from every corner. Even years down the line. Breadcrumbs on the worktop. Although you used a large cutting board for slicing your loaf, some little pieces of bread always crumble away. They like to hide in the fine crack at the edge of the sink, and in the worst-case scenario can go mouldy there. It’s tricky to get these little crumbs out again. Do you shudder to think what might be revealed if you were to dismount the sink after decades of use? There’s another way.

A flushmount sink allows you to swipe crumbs easily into the sink with a cloth. Nothing is left hanging around here. Nothing rots or goes mouldy. It remains hygienically clean and pristine. If it could speak, your Stainless steel, Silgranit or Ceramic sink would shout for joy.

Flushmount sinks are:

A flushmount-installed sink:

  • is on a level with the worktop
  • is easy to wipe down
  • does not let any crumbs stick to it
  • blends into the overall design
  • consists of Stainless steel, Ceramic or Silgranit

Do you prize design and functionality? Then a flushmount sink integrated into the worktop is the right kind of installation for your kitchen.

Easy to clean, hygienic and pristine

Wipe your worktop and rest assured that no crumbs or food remains will be left behind. No bacteria or germs can end up growing beneath the sink rim. There’s no need to go around the sink rim with a cotton bud.
A flushmount sink will not feature a fine black line around the sink. Crumbs, swill or dust have no chance of accumulating. They can be swept off the worktop and into the sink, gently as a feather. Simply wipe with a soft cloth. Done. This will leave it clean, gleaming and beautiful.


Both aesthetically pleasing and practical

Modern minimalism. Flat surfaces look elegant and larger in size. There are no edges to disrupt the harmonious look. The cabinets are without handles. Like the sound of that? The opt for a flushmount sink. Bring design, aesthetic appeal and functionality together.

  • The sink and worktop merge into one another, creating an exclusive, chic look. And you get more worktop space besides. Attach special cutting boards to the sink. Voilà! Slice carrots, kohlrabi, leek or bread in the sink itself. Parings and crumbs will fall down into the bowl.

Professionally built, unwaveringly safe

It lies there quietly and securely. Firmly integrated into the worktop. Just as it should be. Choose professional installation. Have your new sink flushmount-installed by a professional, whether it’s a Ceramic, Granite or Stainless steel sink. Flushmount installation is available for all sink materials.

In the following video, we show you how your fitter will install your sink


Which worktops allow flushmount installation?

Look forward to years of enjoyment with your sink and worktop. Have you decided upon flushmount installation? Then you should avoid opting for wooden or laminate worktops. You know it makes sense. Water does its thing. If you leave a chipboard panel out in the rain, it will swell up like a piece of cotton wool. It’s a pain. And it can be avoided. Other materials don’t let water in. We’re only satisfied when you are.

As such, we recommend worktops made of the following materials for flushmount sink installation:

  • Granite
  • Artificial stone
  • Ceran
  • Glass
  • Mineral materials