Perfect care made easy

Frau reinigt Silgranit Spüle mit einem Mikrofasertuch.

The sink is the centrepiece of the kitchen, as most kitchen tasks take place here. And slicing food leads to trimmings falling here and there. Hard tap water splashes around and its chalky residue soon leaves marks on surfaces. In short, sinks and mixer taps need to be cleaned regularly so that they look their best, but most importantly for reasons of hygiene.

Blanco has developed an uncomplicated 3-step cleaning and care concept to make this as easy as possible:

  • daily cleaning with standard household cleaning products, e.g. washing-up liquid and a microfibre cloth
  • regular cleaning with DailyClean+
  • deep cleaning with cleaning agents specially designed for the particular material from the DeepClean range

This ensures that all of the components of the BLANCO UNIT remain beautiful and retain their value over the long term.

The professional BLANCO DailyClean+ limescale remover

Radiantly beautiful – day after day

Often, cleaning the sink and mixer tap with standard household cleaners on a day-to-day basis isn’t quite enough, and stubborn limescale deposits start to build up. These are easy to eliminate with the professional limescale remover BLANCO DailyClean+. Simply spray on, leave to work for a short time, wipe over with a microfibre cloth, and troublesome limescale marks can be gently removed, leaving your sink and mixer tap radiantly beautiful once again.

Stainless Steel sink being polished

When there’s nothing else for it, go for DeepClean

If impurities or other marks on the sink surface cannot be removed with regular care, it’s time for a deep clean. DeepClean takes care of this with two special cleaners that are tailored to the specific requirements of stainless steel and ceramic surfaces. DeepClean Stainless Steel renders scratches, external rust and marks almost invisible on stainless steel surfaces.

After cleaning, the water simply rolls off the surface, unwanted fingerprints won't be seen and dirt particles will not adhere. The special cleaner DeepClean Ceramic is suitable for all ceramic surfaces. Due to it's abilities to loosen grease and limescale, it removes blemishes, impurities and metal abrasion. All care and cleaning products from the Blanco Care-series have one thing in common: Since the ingredients are tailored to the surfaces that are being cleaned, stainless steel, ceramics and Silgranit remain beautiful and retain their value over the long term.

How To Use - The right technique

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