Sinks with passion

What you get from our love of sinks

Clever functions in your kitchen
The sink as a cooking hub
Everything in the kitchen revolves around the sink – before, during and after cooking

Choosing a kitchen sink and mixer tap is one of the most important decisions when planning your new kitchen. Some people overlook this and get their kitchen plan wrong. And rue it every day thereafter. Thousands of times. Every day, for many years. We spend around 60% of our time in the kitchen at or near the sink. The sink is the top of the magic triangle of oven, sink and refrigerator. It’s not difficult. Simply plan the right sink and mixer tap to go in the right place. We know something about that. And we’re happy to offer you our help. What's more, we recommend washing dishes in the dishwasher. It’s more practical. It saves water and energy. Plus, no one really enjoys washing up. So the sink is the hub of your kitchen.

Have you just started planning your kitchen? Then get inspiration for your new kitchen style from our many sinks.

Do you want a quick overview? Simply choose the right sink.

Or read on below for what’s important in a new sink.

Why choose a bowl from BLANCO?

Colours aren’t a problem for granite sinks made of Silgranit – that’s why BLANCO offers CombiColours

A colourful washing station

We don’t go in for exotic colours or faddy design, where you find yourself wondering how you actually use the thing, and what for.

BLANCO design is: Distinctive. Authentic. Elegant. Functional. Long-lasting.

It must be practical, as an Kitchen sink is a work station. It’s only natural. And yet it can be so beautiful, that you smile every day as you wash fruit or vegetables or rinse pots in your BLANCO kitchen sink.

BLANCO has sinks and bowls for every kitchen and situation.

We make large and small sinks, with one bowl or two, as functional objects or design icons, Corner sinks plus round bowls and flushmount or undermount sinks. And lots more. Are you left-handed? Lots of our kitchen mixer taps come with the lever on the left. What if your base cabinet is smaller? Many of our inset sinks come in 60cm, 50cm and 45cm sizes. We can cater to other cabinet widths, too. Our cutting boards are perfectly matched to each sink. We always give a recommendation on which sink and mixer tap work particularly well together. We know that it’s the many little details that decide whether day-to-day life is easy in the kitchen. That’s why our products are carefully designed and thoughtfully crafted, as only specialists who are passionate about their work can achieve.

To the range of products
Sink and mixer tap – the focus of every kitchen

We are specialists in water in the kitchen. Since 1925.

At BLANCO we make sinks, kitchen mixer taps and waste bins. That’s it. So we want to do it particularly well. To make your kitchen a place of enjoyment. To enable you to plan your own dream kitchen. The bowl and kitchen mixer tap are always build into a worktop, and the water has to get there and be drained away again. Otherwise, you have complete freedom. We produce stainless steel sinks or Silgranit sinks and ceramic sinks – just pick the right material for you.

Bowls and mixer taps. We live for beautiful kitchens.

Functionality requires rethinking

Our designers are curious. They want to know how something works. They question things. And turn things upside down. They approach things innovatively, over and over again, to hone the whole thing to perfection. How about fewer edges, deeper bowls, a slightly smaller outflow, or making the mixer tap a touch bigger?
We check with our customers and improve accordingly. BLANCO designers retain their sense of curiosity, which is vital for coming up with clever, sustainable solutions. A BLANCO sink will spend almost twenty years in a kitchen. We’re proud of that. Sustainability and environmental protection are important to both you and us. It’s the right way to do things.

Sustainability and BLANCO
BLANCO CRONOS – a new take on the farmhouse-style sink
Working on different levels within the bowl – BLANCO ETAGON is the answer
BLANCO inset sinks – a concept for every kitchen
When you first run your hand over the drainer, you’ll feel its impressive quality.

Quality that makes itself felt

If a stainless steel sink from BLANCO is part of your kitchen, you won’t feel any welding seams. With an inset sink the edges also feels good to the touch, as your fingertips glide smoothly over them. With a granite sink made of Silgranit you’ll feel the evenly velvety stone material. Only Silgranit has this fine-pored, sealed surface. A ceramic sink, on the other hand, feels completely hard and cool.

With many years of expertise, passion for bowls and a trained eye for the very highest quality

Many years of expertise

That first moment when one of our sinks becomes your fitted sink! A whole host of engineers, technicians and production staff in the BLANCO plants have been working towards this. With many years of expertise, passion for bowls and a trained eye for the very highest quality. And at BLANCO we know and seek to ensure that your relationship with your bowl will be a lasting one. A whole kitchen lifespan long.

A sink for every kitchen situation

A sink for every situation

We offer colours that do not fade. Even in direct sunlight. Silgranit sinks that are so robust and scratchproof that you could slice bread on them. Everything to ensure that you’ll be happy for many years to come. As happy as a customer who sent us an enthusiastic letter upon changing her BLANCO stainless steel sink after 40 years!

Only one thing is more important to us than product quality: your health.

Quality is the deciding factor

We’re put in the work to ensure that you don’t have to worry about hygiene. All of our sinks are food-safe. You can prepare any food directly on the clean sink. Our Silgranit sinks are not only easy to clean, they also have the protective patented formula Hygiene+Plus, with antibacterial properties*. We use only the highest quality stainless steel for our stainless steel sinks. And when they’ve done their job, all of our sinks are very easy to clean and maintain. You can completely rely on our inset sinks.

*Tests confirm that this built-in hygiene protection reduces the growth of relevant kitchen bacteria by an average of 98%. Tests carried out with bacterial stems ATCC 8739 and ATCC 6538 by an independent laboratory on behalf of BLANCO, 2011