Window-facing kitchen mixer tap

Make the most of your window space

Make the most of your window space

You spend 60% to 70% of your time in the kitchen at the sink. Peeling, chopping, washing, draining, rinsing – you can do all that while enjoying a view of the great outdoors. The right below-window mixer tap can be moved out of the way in just a few movements, allowing you to open the window and making your sink with a view a reality.You can find all versions of our window-facing mixer taps here. Lowerable, retractable or fold-down. With a hose or as a low-pressure model too, of course. Typically BLANCO.

Make the most of the nicest place in the kitchen with a below-window mixer tap.

What you need to know when planning a window-facing kitchen mixer tap

If you’re looking to position your kitchen sink facing the window, proper planning and your choice of mixer tap will present the biggest challenges. Lots of kitchen windows open inwards, so conventional mixer taps would simply be in the way. In such cases, you have to attach the mixer tap to the outer edge of the sink, or ensure that it is low enough for the window to open above it. Window-facing mixer taps that can be removed, lowered or folded away offer a practical alternative. Like conventional kitchen mixer taps, these come in different designs.

Important tips for planning a window-facing mixer tap

  • Opt for robust materials
    Window-facing mixer taps are often being moved around, so they need to be particularly stable and resistant to shocks. As such, it’s best to go for models in chrome or stainless steel finish.
  • Plan in enough of a gap
    Remember to plan in a gap between your kitchen sink and window sash. Depending on your kitchen mixer tap model, this should be between 2.5 and 6.5 centimetres.
  • Know your water connection
    Not all below-window mixer taps are suitable for combining with a hot water boiler. If this is the case, you need a model that is also available as a low-pressure mixer tap.
  • Don’t compromise on convenience
    All BLANCO window-facing mixer taps are practical single-lever mixers. If you do lots of cooking, we recommend a tap with a pull-out spray. These are easy to spot among the BLANCO models, as they have an -S for spray after their name.
  • Be aware of the interaction between sink and mixer tap
    For instance, you’ll need two holes for a lowerable below-window mixer tap. Sinks with a side-mounted kitchen mixer tap are also a clever option. Putting them facing the window lets them really play to their strengths.
    BLANCO will always provide you with a recommendation on what will work particularly well.

What you need to know about your retractable window-facing mixer tap

  • The fact that retractable window-facing mixer taps are fully functional in any position makes them particularly practical.
  • Retractable kitchen mixer taps also have a separate control element that you use to turn the water on and off.
  • A total of two tap holes in the worktop are required for the mixer tap and control element.
  • When planning, make sure that you leave enough space free in the base cabinet to that the mixer tap can be lowered to its fullest extent.
  • It is also vital to leave a distance of at least three centimetres between the sink and the window sash.
  • The advantage is that retractable mixer taps can be combined with a variety of sinks.

Window-facing mixer taps: Pros and cons at a glance

In order to make the right choice of window-facing mixer tap to meet your needs, you should first take a look at the dimensions between your window sash and worktop. Cast your eye over the advantages of BLANCO mixer taps for window installation in comparison to one another.

Detachable window-facing mixer taps


  • inexpensive model
  • easy installation
  • the only window-facing mixer tap to come with a pull-out spray
  • lowest installation dimensions, with the fitting only 2.5 cm high when laid down
  • can be combined with hot water boilers


  • always on view
  • mixer tap and hose must be placed next to the bowl
  • hose a little more time-consuming to stow away
  • pull-out spray cannot be used at the fullest extent of the pivoting radius

Retractable window-facing mixer taps:


  • elegant
  • 360-degree pivoting radius
  • completely concealed in a single movement if combined with a recessed tap ledge
  • works in every position


  • requires space in the base cabinet
  • control lever must be mounted separately
  • two tap holes needed

No matter which model you choose, BLANCO mixer taps open up new options. Enjoy your kitchen window to the full – plan your kitchen sink with a view with us!

Mixer taps made of chrome or stainless steel make the best window-facing fittings.

Graceful and practical: the best concepts for window-facing mixer taps

Depending on the design and the possible distance from the window sash, you can choose from window-facing mixer taps that can be detached, folded down or lowered. Window-facing mixer tap models differ in terms of shape, design, price and functionality.

Simply put it aside: detachable window-facing mixer taps

Detachable mixer taps represent a practical, inexpensive option. These are installed with a flexible hose. This allows you to simply pull the tap vertically out of the sink and lay it to the side of the bowl. After being set aside, the height of such mixer taps, including the pull-out spray, ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 centimetres.
BLANCO offers four models of detachable window-facing mixer tap. They include something for every style of kitchen, and all models are also ideal for smaller kitchens.

What you need to know about your folding window-facing mixer tap

  • Fold-down window-facing mixer taps are practical to use, particularly if you’re in a hurry, as you can simply move them out of the way with a touch.
  • Caution! Regardless of whether your mixer tap is folded to the side or the front, it will have a residual height of 6.5 centimetres, which you should plan in to your sink.
  • Good for left-handed users: both the CORESSA and the LARESSA gives you the choice of which side the control element is to be mounted. This also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to choosing the position of the bowl.

Elegantly concealed: retractable window-facing mixer taps

If you're looking for a particularly elegant and functional solution, a retractable window-facing mixer tap is right for you.

What you need to know about your detachable window-facing mixer tap

  • Detachable window-facing mixer taps are attractively priced and easy to install.
  • Make sure that there is around 2.5 to 5.5 centimetres between the edge of the bowl and the lower edge of the window sash.
  • The complete mixer tap package is available for all detachable mixer taps, including a low-pressure version. This is especially important if your kitchen’s hot water comes from a boiler.
  • Having this practical model from the range of window-facing mixer taps gives you the greatest possible freedom when planning your kitchen.

Fold and it’s gone: fold-down window-facing mixer taps

One movement, and your window is free of obstructions. Fold-down window-facing mixer taps are both practical and graceful, while their modern design makes them suitable for any kitchen.

With the ELOSCOPE-F II, the mixer tap can be almost completely lowered. The actual tap has a flat design. As such, when it is lowered, it is completely flush with the edge of the bowl and protrudes into the sink. A bowl with a recessed tap ledge is ideal, as it allows the lowered mixer tap to lie flat against the edge of the sink and thus elegantly concealed.


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