Kids are playing in the kitchen at the kitchen water hub from BLANCO
BLANCO UNIT - drink. prep. clean.

Making kitchen life easier everyday 

Drink. Prep. Clean. Everything you need, all in one place. One seamless solution with perfectly combined products for a creative yet practical kitchen hub at the heart of your home.

What is the BLANCO UNIT?

Sinks, taps and bins are the among the most commonly used items in the kitchen but are often not considered as important in the planning phase as we think they should be. The BLANCO UNIT combines our premium products into dedicated packs, letting you choose the right items to suit your kitchen style and lifestyle – now and in the future. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life, we use it for drinking, food preparation, washing and cleaning – the BLANCO UNIT packs provide everything you need to make kitchen life easier everyday.

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Wife at Kitchen Water Hub from BLANCO
Man sitting at dining table in front of kitchen water hub
Kids at the Kitchen Water Hub from BLANCO

Drink, prep, clean – all you need, in one place

Choose from feature-packed Smart Taps and boiling water taps to stunning semi-professional and classic mixer taps. Select your sink from a huge range of designs, materials and installation options. Add in-cabinet storage, organisational products, waste management systems and food waste disposal units. Bring a greater sense of style and make life easier by opting for a perfectly integrated system where components have been carefully selected to ensure seamless integration with one another, a perfect fit for modern kitchen life. 

Man and Wife ar preparing food at the kitchen water hub of BLANCO

High quality, clever and creative kitchen water hubs

Between preparing food, creating drinks and cleaning up, we spend more than half of our time in the kitchen using the sink, tap and waste area. This is why we have been working to simplify the space, adding intelligent solutions and introducing new materials through many years of research and development; with the BLANCO UNIT it all flows naturally.  Soon you won’t be able to imagine going without all the features that our seamless solutions have to offer.  

So, since the products in the BLANCO UNIT are the items you will be using most in your new kitchen, you will want to look for premium quality solutions.

Not just water

Not just water

When it comes to water in your kitchen, you want to be able to trust that what comes out of your tap is as pure as it goes in. We use the highest quality brass or stainless steel in our tap bodies to ensure continued performance and the best possible finishes to keep our taps looking stunning. We have Titanium boiling water solutions, auto on/off sensor taps, pull out or semi-pro mixer taps – whatever you are looking for, BLANCO UNIT packs will have one that is right for you.

Makes preparing delicious

Sinks and bowls that make life easier

The sink is the first touchpoint for most tasks in the kitchen, it’s where you wash your hands, grab a drink, prep your food and clean up afterwards. Having a thought-through solution that dovetails with your tap and in-cabinet waste or organisational system will make things easier and save you time, while ensuring good hygiene. Available in a range of designs, materials and colours, combine your sink with specifically designed accessories to create a beautiful yet practical space.

Focus on the taste. not the waste

Waste management and storage space

That no-mans-land area under your sink reclaimed. Our waste management and storage solutions will ensure that long-forgotten space becomes a place that you can organise easily. Whether you choose to use it to separate your recyclables, organise your cleaning products or store your pet paraphernalia – we have a solution. The BLANCO UNIT has it covered.

Man prepares food at BLANCO Unit