Operating versions for kitchen mixer taps

Classic or fancy? A single-lever mixer or a dual-lever tap, with or without a hose? Kitchen mixer taps come in many different designs. Which version works best for your home?


Mixer tap with sensor interface

Splash. A pan out of your grasp, sending water splashing out of the sink and onto the floor. Somehow, you never seem to have enough hands. But what if you could hold the pot steady while also operating the mixer tap to fill the pot with the water you need to cook with. Of course, you could put the pot in the sink and wait, but that only works if the sink is empty. There’s an easier way: simply hold the pot under the mixer tap. Activating the sensor allows you to fill up the pot without touching the mixer tap.

No more overflowing. Water is a precious resource. It helps to save every drop that you can.

Do you want cool or red-hot water? Pre-set the temperature that you need then wave your hand over the sensor to get the water flowing. Wave over it a second time, and the water stops. How about if you only need a little water to make tea? Or if you want to fill a pot up to the brim? The amount can be adjusted, too.

Single-lever mixer taps

Single-lever mixer taps – practical and effective

Washing fruit and veg, putting water into the coffee machine, rinsing bowls, washing hands. We run water in our kitchen sinks around 70 times a day. We are constantly moving the mixer tap lever. And our single-lever mixer tap puts up with it all. This mixer tap is the most popular in the kitchen. Quite often we find ourselves with dirty hands but needing to turn the tap on so it’s just a well that you can also operate your mixer tap with your elbow. Get the right flow of water and set the temperature at the same time with just one lever.

More about single-lever taps
Dual-lever mixer taps

Dual-lever mixer taps – stylishly mixed.

Although these mixer taps are still something of a rarity in kitchen design, they are enduringly popular.
Get your water to the right temperature yourself in traditional fashion using a dual-lever mixer tap. Do you mainly use cold water? Then a two-handle mixer tap makes sense. It won’t automatically mix in heated water, as a single-lever mixer tap would. This saves you energy.
Are you keen on a nostalgic look? Do you have a farmhouse-style sinkin your Farmhouse kitchenand are looking for a suitable mixer tap? Then BLANCO dual-lever mixer taps provide just the fitting design, with a traditional look.

Discover the farmhouse style

Solutions for left-handers

We’ve spent time thinking about how the kitchen works for people who are left-handed. This includes taps. Rather than twisting yourself into knots to pull a lever which is on the wrong side, our side mounted control levers for left-handed people are tailored exactly to your needs to make working in the kitchen as easy as possible.

Note: Are you going for a high- or low-pressure mixer tap?

Have you decided? Great. Please check your current mixer tap or connection to work out which mixer tap is right for you. Are you going for a high-pressure or Low-pressure mixer tap? We explain the difference in our guide.