Waste sorting systems

The underrated day-to-day kitchen heroes – waste bins

Recycling with BLANCO waste separation systems

You’ve done your shopping for the weekend and are now standing in your kitchen with bags full of goods. Think of this familiar scenario when planning your kitchen, and you’ll soon realise how important it is to have a well organised kitchen. When stowing your food in the larder or refrigerator, you’re bound to see something that you need to throw out. On average, households in England generate 500 kg waste per year, which all needs to be collected, sorted and disposed of, ideally in a BLANCO waste bin.

After going shopping, it can be difficult to avoid rubbish

Rubbish is difficult to avoid

As the week goes on and your shopping items are used, the packaging all needs to be sorted into your relevant recycling bins. Some councils ask that paper, plastic, food and glass is separated, and others allow mixed recycling, so the amount of bins required can vary. Our range of hidden kitchen waste bins allow for varying requirements & are cleverly hidden out of sight.

Recycling with BLANCO waste separation systems

Recycling protects the environment

Unfortunately, none of us can do without a waste bin altogether, no matter how much or how little rubbish gathers in our kitchens. Well-organised waste separation means that the different materials can be recycled as valuable raw materials and fed back into a cycle that protects our environment, while also noticeably reducing the cost of waste disposal.

Effective kitchens need waste separation

There is a vast choice of waste bins for kitchens. And it’s just as well, as every household is different, so your waste separation system should be suitable for your kitchen. For ordinary residual waste and organic waste, you ideally want a space close to your kitchen sink, as this is when most of the remnants are produced while preparing food or washing up. A waste separation system offers flexible bin divisions, so that you can divide items easily

To ensure that your beautiful kitchen remains a place of well-being, the waste bin vanishes elegantly into a base cabinet behind the kitchen fronts. As such, it doesn’t matter whether you have hinged cabinet doors, front pull-out doors or drawers in your kitchen, as there are different separation systems for every type of installation.

A waste bin for organic waste can even be planned to go beside the chopping board on the worktop. After all, anyone who cooks a lot at home can tell you a thing or two about how food waste can end up falling all over the kitchen floor. As such, it is better if food waste has as short a distance as possible to travel to the bin.

BLANCO rubbish sorting systems are impressive for their quality and ease of handling

Who takes the rubbish out?

In busy day-to-day life in a family kitchen, the rubbish bin quickly fills up, and the question soon arises: who’s going to take the rubbish out? Thanks to the sturdy ergonomic handles on the bins you can confidently entrust this task to even the children. Made for everyone who likes the behind-the-scenes design to be as sleek as the façade, the waste separation systems have almost seamless transitions, so nothing remains lying on the edge. Paired with the easy-to-clean surface of the bin and good workmanship, this preserves your waste separation system for a long time, while ensuring hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.

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