Granite kitchen sinks made of Silgranit

Making virtually all sink dreams come true

Preparing food at a Silgranit sink

A Silgranit sink:

  • is pure class. And remains that way for many years.
  • is very easy to clean.
  • is scratch-proof and resistant.
  • has an anti-bacterial and dirt-repellent effect.
  • is easy to maintain.

A kitchen sink that cleans itself. It’s what we all dream of. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet exist. But our granite sink made of Silgranit PuraDur gets you very close to the dream. And that makes it the perfect focus of your dream kitchen.

Save yourself hours of scrubbing. Enjoy chopping and frying food together with your loved ones, then savouring a delicious meal in good company. In between, rinse off large dishes and wipe down your Silgranit granite sink. Done. Drops of sauce run off into the sink bowl practically by themselves. Any crumbs and dirt lying on the surface are quickly dealt with. One wipe, and they're all gone. This is the kitchen sink for today.

Colourful variety

To tell you the truth, the kitchen sink is often the last thing to be planned into a new kitchen. It goes without saying that we’re not happy with that and would do it completely differently. But that’s the way it is. The colour of the fronts, the kitchen worktop and the floor have been decided. And now the sink has to fit in. You can make it easy for yourself. Take a stainless steel kitchen sink. Its timeless elegance and subtle grey always look good.

Alternatively, you could introduce a bit of colour to your day-to-day kitchen experience! A granite sink makes it possible. Silgranit offers a large choice of colours. All of them are developed by our design team, with two important criteria in mind. They have to work perfectly with the other colours in your kitchen, regardless of whether you want a contrasting feature or a sink that chimes with your overall colour concept. And you should continue to be happy with it for years to come. That’s why your Silgranit sink won’t mind if you like to look out at the great outdoors as you do the dishes, with sunlight streaming onto your sink. It will retain its colour for years.

Fancy a creamy coffee brown, striking tartufo or warm rock grey sink? Give your creativity free rein! Incidentally, we are often asked which is more popular, granite sinks in black or white? Most customers actually opt for the elegant anthracite.

This makes Silgranit the right material for your kitchen sink

Often copied, never matched. Every year, more customers worldwide put their trust in the original granite sink – Silgranit from BLANCO. We are delighted with this, and work very hard to keep it that way. We have come a long way and are continually developing Silgranit even further.

Cleaning your granite sink – utterly simple with Silgranit

The no. 1 reason to buy: a breeze to clean

Chopped beetroot on a white granite sink. A red wine glass left on the drainer. These can cause nasty stains on ordinairy sinks. But now? It’s no problem for Silgranit. Often the stain can simply be washed away by running the mixer tap. Just like that. That’s when a kitchen mixer tap with a pull-out spray really comes into its own.

Leaving teabags lying in the sink bowl. Overlooking a coffee mark the previous evening. Often marks have already dried out before we spot them. How do you clean a granite sink when this happens? With Silgranit, you can wipe marks away.
Take a soft sponge and some washing-up liquid, give it a wipe, rinse off and dry. Done.

In about the time it takes to brush your teeth. Daily cleaning and care of a granite sink could hardly be faster. Rub more stubborn stains away gently with the rough side of the sponge. This will also remove metal abrasion from pots.

Granite sinks made of Silgranit are tough stuff

Steadfast: this material puts up resistance.

Oops! Get distracted for a second while washing up, and a dish or pot can tumble into the bowl. We all know what it’s like. There’s no call to be alarmed – your granite sink made of Silgranit can take it. It is resistant.
The special thing is that Silgranit PuraDur isn’t a coating. The material goes all the way through. That makes your granite sink bowl as enduringly beautiful as it was on the day you got it. As we know that everyday tasks really put your kitchen sink through its paces. It’s great to have a sink that is a tough performer.

Granite bowls made of Silgranit are hygienic and repel bacteria.

Hygienic: reassuringly safe

A kitchen sink has to put up with a lot over the course of the day. In the morning, leftover milk is poured into the sink. At lunchtime, some chicken may accidentally slip into the bowl after being washed. In the evening, vegetables may be chopped on the drainer. Nothing to worry about? Absolutely. Granite sinks made of Silgranit PuraDur come with the patented ‘Hygiene+Plus’ protection formula. This means that the material has anti-bacterial properties and a dirt-repellent effect. This ensures safety in every eventuality and facilitates thorough cleaning.

As such, your child can set their lolly down on the sink at any time, and then carry on licking it a while later.

Granite sinks made of Silgranit are food-safe

Food-safe: preserving taste

You can rest assured that a peach, fresh mushrooms or sliced apple will taste exactly as they should. Even if you’ve left them lying on or in your granite sink for hours. The magic phrase is ‘food-safe’. Your fruit and vegetables won’t take on any other odour or flavour. This is because your Silgranit sink doesn’t give off any substances. Nothing. One hundred per cent. You can leave tomatoes and mushrooms lying on it with a clear conscience.

Granite sinks made of Silgranit are acid-resistant.

Acid-resistant: Access denied

Fruit acid is aggressive. Have you ever noticed how quickly limescale loosens if it comes into contact with citric acid? Or how quickly a piece of orange can slip from the chopping board into the bowl, or lemon juice can get on the ledges, when making a fruit salad? No need to worry! The fine-pored surface of the granite composite used for your sink is sealed. It blocks all common household acids. The material remains as it is. Nothing comes away. Nothing gets in.

Granite bowls – design given form

Design: looking at inner values. Outer ones, too.

Many of our granite sinks have won multiple awards. Of course, we are delighted with every design prize that we win. But we are even happier if you choose one of our sinks for your own dream kitchen. Take photos and send them to us, or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #silgranit.

Do you love the look of clean contours? Are you keen on a kitchen mixer tap in a matching or contrasting Silgranit colour? Silgranit simply looks good. All thanks to the fine-pored, sealed surface. And it feels good, too. Relentlessly tough, yet velvety smooth. And its inner qualities are up to the task, too.

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Keep your showpiece looking radiant

Do you want to keep your granite sink looking good for as long as possible?

  • Then rub it dry every day with a microfibre cloth
  • Treat it to deep clean every four weeks.

It’s that easy. Stunning results.

Do you want to know how to remove greasy residues or limescale? When should I treat my sink to a deep clean, and how should I do it? Take a look at our FAQs to find out.

You’ll find yourself smiling upon entering your kitchen. Isn’t it fabulous? Your granite sink made of Silgranit looks so fresh – no scratches, no dull patches, no stains. If your sink is dirty, trickle a little washing-up liquid onto the soft side of a sponge, then wipe it over your bowl. Rinse it down with cold, clear water. Now dry it off, ideally with a microfibre cloth, and you’re done! Your sink is sparkling once again. And so are you!

Granite is granite. And much more, too.

It goes without saying that we use only materials of the very highest quality in BLANCO granite sinks. We produce the acrylate, the base material, ourselves. Checked, time and time again. Tested, time and time again. Improved, time and time again.

We’re only satisfied when you are. We want your sink to be as beautiful, clean and radiant after many years as it was on the day it was installed in your kitchen. BLANCO granite sinks are of consistently high quality and made to DIN standards. Yet they also differ from one another.

Granite sinks – BLANCO makes the difference

Silgranit sinks: top-class design for an exceptional look.

Every time you go into your kitchen and catch sight of your sink, you’ll find yourself beaming. It’s a real looker. Are you keen on straight lines? A young, fresh design will bring a smile to your face. Sophisticated, exclusive and unusual. You’ll love working here. For years on end. Soft, flowing surfaces are combined with cubic shapes. The sink bowl edge is high and solid, while also looking sleek and modern. Outstanding. You can hardly believe that this could be improved upon, but BLANCO high-end granite sinks made of Silgranit are a cut above. Sophisticated. With first-class drain remote control, C-overflow and InFino drain system. Cutting boards – elegant and easy-care.
Silgranit PuraDur comes in an array of designs. Just as you like it. Charming, superb and impressive.

Well-thought-out functions that make your sink especially smart.

The basic elements? A bowl and a drainer. That’s all you need. BLANCO Silgranit PuraDur basic models are timelessly classical and practical. Familiar, well-loved, simply great.
Your kitchen sink can be wonderfully functional. A small additional compartment between the bowl and drainer can be used to collect fruit peel and vegetable cuttings. As an example, could you do with an extra place to pour things out? We have just the thing.
Everything’s that bit bigger and that bit smarter. Families need more. Bigger pots and more room in the sink. Sounds good? The premium range of Silgranit sinks have large, deep granite bowls. The drainer offers more room for crockery than usual. A fresh smell of zesty lemon and salmon wafts through the kitchen. Do you love steam cooking? The bowls of the premium Silgranit sink range contain different levels. You can hang a steamer there. Once you’ve chopped up onions and carrots on the matching cutting board, you can slide them into the cooking container lying alongside and then into the steamer. Which all means more time with your loved ones.
Vibrant colours in the kitchen. A round bowl in an angular inset, two or more bowls, all level with the worktop, or lying on top. Granite sinks made of Silgranit inject even more life into your kitchen.

Drawbacks of a granite sink

We are utterly convinced of the benefits of Silgranit. Every year, hundreds of thousands of kitchen purchasers and users worldwide are also impressed by Silgranit on a daily basis. That said, it’s worth being aware of the downsides of granite sinks. This will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to opt for a granite sink bowl or another material.

As a composite material, a granite sink is artificial stone. This means that it has the advantages and disadvantages of stone. It is hard and resistant. You might be washing wine glasses in the sink. A moment’s distraction, and a glass falls into the sink. Unfortunately, the glass is extremely likely to break, likewise a ceramic kitchen sink. By contrast, in a stainless steel sink it has a much higher chance of emerging unscathed.
A kitchen sink made of Silgranit will be very easy to maintain, as dirt cannot adhere to the material or penetrate the surface. If you live in an area with hard water, i.e. containing a high level of chalk, limescale deposits can build up in your bowl over time. You won’t notice it right away, but it will become visible after several weeks. This limescale can then pick up other stains. These are easy to remove by giving it a deep clean with descaling agents such as BLANCO Antikalk and BLANCO Aktiv.

One thing that sometimes causes an issue: for most of our granite sinks, you are free to choose where you want your kitchen mixer tap to go. That’s why the hole is not drilled through. Instead, you can choose to knock or drill a hole through in one of the several marked places. Your kitchen fitter will be happy to do this for you, or you can watch our how-to video.

This sink material is a mixture of different components. Silgranit PuraDur is composed of quartz sand, acrylic matrix, silicone, fluoropolymers, minerals and colour pigments. As such, your sink is made of what is known as a composite material. We are constantly developing the exact composition, with the aim of ensuring that you enjoy your Silgranit sink for a long time to come, while also being able to maintain it with ease.
Why do we use these components? What do they do? Quartz sand is the hardest component of granite. It almost never breaks and can withstand even heavy weights. If a pot crashes into the bowl, your Silgranit sink will be able to cope.

Tough stuff

Stone is scratchproof. You can cut things on your sink. It won’t leave a mark.
It won’t be fazed by high temperatures, either. If you need somewhere to put down a baking sheet after taking it out of the oven, your sink can do the job. Silgranit won’t mind one bit.
Why are acrylic matrix, silicone and fluoropolymers necessary? These plastics make your sink tough, yet with a soft feel. The surface is extremely fine-pored, so it lets nothing in. At the same time, it is soft and smooth to the touch.

Colourful yet resistant

This combination of properties protects it from environmental influences – they simply have no effect. This is down to the material mixture. The material remains clean. Dirt may lie on its surface, but it cannot penetrate. Fluoropolymers support this process by preventing acids and bacteria from penetrating the sink. These polymers are also found in substances such as Teflon. The special combination of materials that go into Silgranit PuraDur make it resistant to heat and scratches.
Life is colourful. Maybe your kitchen could be, too? Just as well that Silgranit pigments can give your kitchen sink colourful accents – providing a contrast with your kitchen fittings. Or making the perfect match. However you like it.

Silgranit: making kitchen dreams come true