Corner sinks – space-savers for compact kitchens

BLANCO corner sinks are miracles of compact design for small kitchens

Do you want to make the most of the space in your small kitchen? Then a corner sink can provide just the solution. The often unappreciated corner area thus becomes a functional hub within your modern kitchen.

The right conditions for corner sinks

Corner sinks can essentially save space in any kitchen. They are particularly practical for kitchens with an L-, U- or G-shaped floorplan. As these contain many corner areas, having a corner sink represents a better use of the space. Even in confined spaces, a corner sink helps you make the most of what you have.

Corner sinks offer impressive features and ensure short distances within the kitchen.

If you're toying with the idea of a corner sink, you could ask yourself whether this is associated with a loss of functionality. After all, standard sinks are much more common and come in a wider range of models. But there’s no need to worry – as the buyer of a corner sink, you won’t be missing out on anything: Modern corner sinks offer the same range of features as a multifunctional kitchen sink and come in lots of different materials. For instance, corner sink bowls are available in Ceramic, Stainless steel or Silgranit.

See the wide range of modern models

One advantage of a corner sink is that it maximises space within the kitchen. While the elements of a conventional galley kitchen are usually spread across the whole length of the room, a corner sink minimises any gaps. Everything can also be within easy reach of the sink. Before too long, owners of a corner sink will no longer want to be without this level of convenience.

The BLANCO DELTA is impressive for its dynamic shape.


This ergonomically arranged sink allows you to use the corner area of your kitchen to best effect. The large, trapezium-shaped bowl is the central element. The long bowl diagonal allows you to rinse even baking trays and large pots with ease. To the left of the main bowl is a drainer in a modern design, while to the right of it lies a smaller additional bowl with a perforated stainless steel colander.


One useful enhancement is the optional sink accessory, our cutting board made of mountain maple wood, which can be fitted exactly to the main bowl. This allows you to use the space of your corner sink even more effectively! The BLANCODELTA corner sink comes in three materials (Ceramic, Silgranit and Stainless steel).

Like the DELTA, the dynamic shape of the BLANCO LANTOS looks great in modern kitchens.


The LANTOS 9 E model is a compact corner sink from the popular LANTOS family. The stainless steel corner bowl is visually appealing, with its clean design. Thanks to the elegant IF flat rim, your sink nestles snugly into the worktop. The practical additional outflow in the right bowl provides an extra level of convenience for kitchen tasks. A superb, functional corner solution for compact kitchens.

To the LANTOS 9 E-IF
The AXIS from BLANCO allows you to make the most of the whole corner space with your sink.


AXIS 9 E-M goes one step further when it comes to making the most of space. Thanks to its innovative diamond shape, you can use the entire corner as a functional surface. Worktops are particular easy to install flush with the outer sides of the sink. With its unusual shape, this stainless steel corner sink introduces a fantastic and surprising design element to your kitchen.


Corner sinks – stylish space-savers

Deciding upon a corner sink in order to get the most out of your kitchen doesn’t have to mean making compromises. Modern corner sinks skilfully combine functionality and design features. The various solutions allow you to make the most of the often neglected corner area. Find out now about high-quality sinks from BLANCO!

Do you have any other questions about practical BLANCO corner sinks? Then please contact our friendly customer service team. We’re happy to help!