BLANCO UK Ambassador Panel

We are proud to have teamed up with a panel of experts as the first ever BLANCO UK ambassadors.

The panel includes TV presenter, Laura Hamilton, recipe book author, Melissa Hemsley and TV personality and architect, Laura Jane Clark. Each are well-known and highly regarded experts in their field and bring a unique and distinctive approach to kitchen life.

We have worked closely with all three ambassadors to create a BLANCO UNIT combination to suit them and their lifestyle.

Find out more below on each of our ambassadors, what BLANCO UNIT they have and what they think!

Laura Hamilton

TV presenter and property expert

TV presenter Laura Hamilton said: “I’ve always been aware of BLANCO as a well-respected kitchen brand, but it wasn’t until I started working with them that I realised how brilliant the products are. When renovating properties, I often struggle to find products which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. With a BLANCO UNIT, I didn’t have to compromise. I could customise different combinations to match my style whilst still retaining the practicality that is so important within any kitchen. I’m delighted to be a BLANCO ambassador and share how my BLANCO UNIT has transformed my kitchen space.”

Tap: EVOL-S Pro in Satin Gold
Sink: SILGRANIT® ETAGON 700-U in white
Waste: FWD Max

Tap: LINUS-S in Satin Gold
Sink: ETAGON 500-U in White
Waste: BOTTON II 30/2

LATO soap dispenser in Satin Gold
Satin Gold waste kit

Instagram: Laura Hamilton

Laura Hamilton with Satin Gold EVOL-S Pro
Laura Hamilton in Kitchen
Laura Hamilton Food Waste Disposer
Satin Gold EVOL S Pro

Laura Jane Clark

Architect and TV personality

Architect, Laura Jane Clark, who specialises in residential conversions, extensions and new builds, said: “I’ve often used BLANCO products in the kitchens I’ve designed, and I’m really excited to be working with the brand as an ambassador. BLANCO’s products are incredibly well made, durable and really cleverly thought through to make for functional kitchen setups. I’m a passionate believer that the sink area of the kitchen is the most important corner of the kitchen triangle and where you should start from when designing a kitchen layout, and between its wide range of products and colourways BLANCO makes this bit of the job very easy. The BLANCO UNIT is the pièce de resistance in terms of bringing together the functionality and aesthetic of BLANCO’s products, with a tap and sink combination to suit the home owner, plus a bespoke storage solution under the sink.”


Tap: LINUS-S in Matt Black
Waste: BOTTON II 30/2

Accessories: LATO soap dispenser in Matt Black

Instagram: Laura Jane Clark

Laura Jane Clark BLANCO UNIT
In-Cabinet waste
Brand Ambassador Laura Jane Clark

Melissa Hemsley

Bestselling author and chef

Recipe book author and home cook Melissa Hemsley echoed: “Whether I’m developing recipe ideas for a cookbook, TV appearance or Instagram, I spend a large amount of time in my kitchen, so having appliances and kitchen fittings that work seamlessly is really important – and it’s a bonus if they look stylish too. When designing my BLANCO UNIT I was able to select components that do just that; combining a tap, sink, food waste disposer and under-sink bins all in one… making my time in the kitchen that much more streamlined.”

Melissa's BLANCO UNIT:

Tap: EVOL-S Pro in PVD Steel
Sink: ETAGON 700-U IF

Instagram: Melissa Hemsley

Melissa Hemsley: Image Credit (L-R): Issy Croker, Sarah Malcolm, Philippa Langley
EVOL-S Pro Hot