Six stylish kitchen design trends for 2023

Whether it's preparing and sharing food, relaxing with family and friends, or even working from home, we're all spending more time in our kitchens these days. Therefore, they have to be places we enjoy. The latest kitchen design trends reflect this need, often seeking to create a comfortable and calming ambience.

Sustainability has also become incredibly important due to an increased focus on climate change. Therefore, kitchen design trends in 2023 focus on durable materials and time-honoured styles and standards.

So, how are these influences impacting kitchen design trends in 2023? We take a closer look below.

Soft white interior

1) Natural materials

Natural materials in kitchens are becoming ever-more popular, particularly in creating that relaxed vibe. From cabinets to worktops, kitchen design trends are incorporating more wood elements, bringing a touch of warmth and texture to the space. Stone worktops, such as marble, granite and, more recently, porcelain, are being used to add a touch of luxury to kitchen designs. Meanwhile, sustainable materials like bamboo and cork are also being introduced more regularly as homeowners seek to reduce their environmental impact.


2) Seamless technology

In 2023, kitchen design trends see home chefs wanting appliances that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Sleek, elegant smart refrigerators and ovens, for example, can be controlled from a smartphone and even display recipes on their screens. Hot and Filter taps give you immediate access to cold-filtered or true-boiling water and can even measure out the exact amount you need. Meanwhile, taps with an adjustable pull-out spray make cleaning vegetables and filling large pots effortless.


3) Blue and green colour palettes

While white and neutral colours remain the most popular choice in kitchen design trends this year, bold, bright colours are being incorporated in smaller doses to add interest and personality to the space. Blues and greens, in particular, are becoming more favoured as homeowners seek to reflect the outdoors inside. Patterned and textured backsplashes are also being used more to add a fun and eclectic touch to kitchen designs.

Open Shelving

4) Open shelving

Another trend in kitchen design is the integration of open shelving. Open shelving allows for the display of decorative pieces, cookbooks, and even kitchen gadgets, while also making it easier to access frequently used items. This trend also adds a touch of warmth and character to the space, making it feel more like a home.

Kitchen island

5) Kitchen islands

Always on trend, the kitchen island continues to be popular, with a stronger focus on providing a social hub to the kitchen with suitable guest seating, as well as additional storage and workspace. As a statement piece, colourful kitchen islands are becoming a favourite, with built-in cooktops, sunken sinks, and even wine refrigerators adding convenience.


6) Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a significant influence on kitchen design trends of 2023. Homeowners are keen to reduce their environmental impact and make their kitchens more energy-efficient. LED lighting, low-flow faucets, and Energy Star-rated appliances are being integrated into kitchens more and more to take steps towards this goal.

Incorporating recycled materials and eco-friendly products into kitchen designs is also increasing. Meanwhile, when it comes to food disposal, food waste disposal units offer fine-grinding mechanisms that ensure any scraps or leftovers can be properly discarded.

Kitchen design trends for 2023 are focused on creating stylish, sociable and sustainable spaces. They are places where you'll want to linger, where kitchen chores become a joy with the ease of design features and where efforts towards more eco-friendly lifestyles are made possible.

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