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Company related Press Release

COOK IT - hobs

The magic of BLANCO’s new hob collection - 0% more efficient than gas!


BLANCO’s stunning new induction hobs have been developed to offer a clever, quick, cost-effective and energy-saving way of cooking.

Built to the same high standards as BLANCO’s sinks, hoods and taps, the induction hobs provide a highly energy-efficient and super safe method of cooking. A magnetic field instantly transforms the pan into a heat source; so the pan heats only the food/water, not the hob, thereby reducing electricity bills. The efficiency of energy transfer for a hob like this is 84% versus approximately 40% when cooking with gas. This means half the energy needed for gas is used yet food/water will heat up twice as fast.

Another clever plus point is the innovative automatic pan recognition feature which ensures that the only part of the hob which heats up is the part with the pot on top! The heating zone automatically heats up as soon as it senses a pan with a smooth, flat base, and “recognisable” diameter and metal content. This ensures that the hob will not heat up if smaller items such as metal spoons are accidentally left on the induction zones. The way to tell if a saucepan is induction hob-friendly is to hold a magnet to the bottom; if it holds, it’s perfect!

The new branding mantra for BLANCO in 2016 reflects the company’s prowess in above-the-worktop perfection; COOK IT – hobs; EXTRACT IT – cooker hoods; LIGHT IT – lighting; and PREP’ IT - sinks and taps.

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